Saturday, March 19, 2011

Adventure Travel On Horseback

When you think of "adventure travel", what crosses your mind?

• Hiking?

• Rafting?

• Diving?

• Something as sedentary as a cruise ship or Safari Land Rover?

Those ideas lose their status as "adventure" when you compare them to galloping on horseback in Africa, zebra and wildebeest racing along side you, or quietly observing the elephant and a giraffe.

How can a traveler visit the remote areas of the most beautiful and interesting world, while ...

• Practicing a fascinating sport

• Avoid contaminating

• Keep in harmony with history and nature

• Being free to explore exotic locations

• Making friends in faraway places, and

• Share experience with your pet ready?

Have you ever wondered the enormous benefits of adventure travel on horseback? The horse you can take to the most beautiful and remote places that are difficult to obtain otherwise. At the same time, you can practice a challenging sport, which is a favorite of mankind for millennia.

Destinations like Africa, Asia, Europe and South America offer a wonderful variety of adventure travel on horseback. Although relatively unknown to Americans, especially the British and the French have highly developed the concept of riding in many parts of the world. In many places in the United States' right of way for horses have been lost, but there are several other countries.

Horses and horseback riding are deeply woven into the culture and history of most cultures from Argentina to Ireland. This is how our ancestors traveled and for those who have a sense of history there is no more appropriate way forward. If you come to a foreign place on horseback, most likely be enthusiastically greeted by locals with waves and smiles which greatly facilitate the necessary contacts. Those arriving by bus, foot or bicycle are usually ignored. Horses are an excellent introduction to break the ice and almost everywhere.

If you are looking for wilderness adventure, then horses are the way to go if you do not want to walk and carry the device. Horse riding can take you to an inn and the inn bailey castle, palace, palace or from one comfortable camp to another. The costs are very reasonable compared to biking or bus.

Horseback riding adventures vary widely in competence and experience to do so safely. Most of these tours leave every step and include some good gallops so that one can cover 15 to 35 miles in one day. Beginners need several days of instruction before attempting even an easy trip, but those who are reasonably fit, not overweight and has an open mind can get in very quickly. A week of intensive riding with good instruction can easily prepare most people in the less demanding adventures.

One of the great advantages of traveling on horseback is that you are sharing an adventure prepared an animal that is also interested in the sights and sounds and who loves a lively gallop on the beach or in the plains, as you do. Date of the saddle is also good to use, and driving is a great way to keep fit when you're having fun. It 'much more interesting and satisfying than sitting alone on a bus or land rover all day which really is not adventure travel at all. Another dividend is the keen appetite you develop after the date of delicious food served in the saddle.

In a tour of Africa, a good horse can overcome a buffalo or an elephant angry Cape and stay safe. Comfortable camps are set up so every night, the food is excellent and exceptional service. Or try a horseback tour visiting the castles of the Loire and roll in the course of his horse like a knight of old. You can gallop along forest tracks where the French aristocracy once chased the wild deer. There is a wide range of opportunities for riding holidays.

If you are interested in travel in harmony with nature without using polluting, noisy machines or bike does not respond, then you look at the rides.

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