Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tourism Objects First Correctional Facility in Indonesia

In the city of Bandung, and again for the first time in Indonesia, a correctional institution (prison) and became a tourist attraction. Expected to be named Sukamiskin prison in Bandung and tourist attraction to become the leader of the other prisons.

"In Indonesia, the prison Sukamiskin the first time that the main tourist attractions," said the chairman of the prison Murdjito Sukamiskin when contacted by detikbandung
Cell phone, on Wednesday (June 23, 2010).

While abroad, there are a number of prisons and called Murdjito which has become a tourist attraction. "Salahsatunya in Florida," he said.

Murdjito occur before the Official Gazette by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights as the largest prison Patrialis round on Tuesday (June 22, 2010) yesterday, was attended by Sukamiskin prison.

"In the past there are many who come to visit most of the agencies. The statement of the Minister, we in the grip," Said Murdjito.

The Murdjito, Patrialis largest Sukamiskin can say that the prison was the pioneer of other prisons in Indonesia to be a means to
Education community.

They can not be all the prisons of historical value, but there must be elements of education.

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