Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bukit Kelam (Kelam Hill) Nature Tourism

Tourism Region in the Bukit Kelam (Kelam hill) district Permai dark. The attraction of natural tourist attraction, particularly hilly area of Bukit dark natural attractions can be seen from the hills of the condition itself, which has a distinctive beauty. Forest Hill tourist jet to lie between two major rivers namely Sungai Kapuas River Melawi and SdubDAS Melawi and included in the tour where the existence of these forests is an area source of flowing water as the river that locals use for drinking water, toilets and irrigation.

Based on the observation of known good quality of river waters in the forest tourism is dominated by hills and forests of this tour is very potential to be developed as a tourist attraction for the location alarn and kite flying and rock climbing because it is situated at an altitude of 50-900 meters from the sea surface with a slope between 15 ° - 40 ° and slope above 45 °. Trees that grow at the foot of the hill trunked generally high, while dipuncaknya overgrown bushes bushes. On a wall overgrown with vegetation due to the hills rarely consist of steep stone so that the trees that are grown and arranged neatly in a vase.

On this hill there are also rare plants such as Giant Nepenthes which the local people used as a container UNTL * k cooking the rice, while also there is the Black Orchid. Currently Bu-kit region direnopasi dark already and the region serve as the Center for the Boy Scout Camp. To reach the peak of Bukit dark current has built a ladder with a height of ± 90 m, located on the west side. Bukit dark areas currently being developed as a series of other hills such as Bukit Luit and Bukit Rentab. In addition, the area is very good if you built a resort that can be
developed into an attractive tourist villages and unique.

It is also not free from the presence of two long houses near the location of these hills is Ensaid Short and Long House Long Ensaid.

For visitors who love adventure and challenges of natural landscapes of the original missed the dark hill is a suitable place to meet your tastes. The climb to the top of the hill can be reached in two ways:

1. use the stairs
2. through a very steep rock cliffs and challenging.

Can be seen from the Peak Hill is a very beautiful natural scenery such as:

1. Tropical forests and various species of plants langk.
2. Two flanking City watershed district
3. City Planning Sintang and existing rice fields below.

All of which is the most amazing landscapes and scenery are very comfortable, can be visited through land transportation with a distance of 18 km from the city.

How to reach:

Object name: Bukit Kelam (Kelam hill)
Accessible from: Capital District
Vehicle: public Vehicle
Facilities: Ring Road hill, stairs to reach the hill
Description: - from the capital district: 19 km
- From the ring road of the hill: 10 km

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