Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jogja City Tour in Indonesia

Fortress Vredeburg
Attacks behind the monument of General March 1 there is an ancient fortress called the Citadel Vredeburg. This fortress built by the Dutch colonizers deliberately to secure his rule by a governor of the Dutch East Indies who reside in the Governorate Building (Great House now). In this castle of a cannon mounted, directed to the sultan's palace, just in case, who knows Sultanate which have their own soldiers while he was still time to give resistance, rebelling against the Netherlands, such concerns did in the year 1949 really happened, because in the Yogyakarta palace we gather all the guerrillas, but the cannon did not speak anything right. This fort is one of the historical evidence of the past. Therefore, now maintained as a historic landmark. But because the building houses a large intangible, then after the renovated into a museum that contains a diorama of the struggle of the Indonesian nation.

Jalan Malioboro
Malioboro is the first and main shopping center in Yogyakarta today. Since the beginning of its existence in the late 19th century, has never receded Malioboro development. Worst economic conditions in the country, never make a trade in Malioboro be retroactive. Bankruptcy experienced by the trafficker is caused more by the defeat in the competition with new entrants who are creative and aggressive.

Year 1992 opened Malioboro Mall shopping center in the middle of Malioboro. Although invited pros and cons in the beginning, the first mall in Yogyakarta was now become one of the favorite shopping place in Malioboro. Several years later, a large shop that has been long enough known in Malioboro, Store Winners, develop themselves into gang Mall.

Malioboro is no longer just a shopping center but also the most expensive five-foot center in Yogyakarta. Rent a plot of land five feet on average only one square meter area has reached more than 20 million rupiah per year.
Matter what is traded, it is difficult to mention how many thousands of products sold in Malioboro. Equally difficult to say what was not sold on this place.

Kotagede represents a district that is located less than 5 Kilometers southeast of the central city of Yogyakarta. Kotagede famous for its silver handicrafts. Various jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, accessories made from silver material can be obtained here. Besides shopping for silver, you can also enjoy typical snacks like Yangko Kotagede, Kipo, etc. that can be used as souvenirs. In Kotagede there is also the last resting place of the kings of Mataram job.

Jogja Kembali Monument
Monument Yogya Back was founded to commemorate the functioning again Yogyakarta as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, July 6, 1949. 31-meter-high building symbolizes the heavenly mountains located on an imaginary straight line between the royal palace in the south and Mount Merapi in the north. This monument has three floors. The first floor consists of a museum, a library, an auditorium, and cafeteria. The second floor consists of 10 dioramas depicting the struggle of the people of Yogyakarta to retake the capital from the Dutch colonialists who controlled Yogyakarta since December 1948 until July 1949.
At the top of the building, painted 40 reliefs that tell the history of the struggle of the Indonesian nation to achieve independence from the event until August 17, 1945 proclamation of the International recognition of the status of Indonesia on December 27, 1949.

Museum Affandi
According to its name, this museum collects paintings by the late painter Affandi one of Yogyakarta which has worldwide. Located on the riverbank exactly on Jl Gajah Wong. Adi Sucipto 167,, the museum is opened every day at 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. GMT.

Air and Space Museum
Air and Space Museum is a museum as a place to capture the remaining strength of Indonesian
Air Force. There are various types of aircraft and weapons used by the Air Force in the struggle. Location Air and Space Museum located in the complex Lanud Adi Sucipto 7 km east of Yogya, open daily from Sunday to Thursday at 8:00 to 13:00 am and 08:00 to 12:00 o'clock on Friday.

Tamansari is a royal park or the Sultan of Yogyakarta and family inns. Location stopped only about a half mile south of the Kraton Yogyakarta. Tamansari not just a royal park. This is a complex of buildings where there is a swimming baths, water canals and the room a special room, and a large pond. Architecture was derived from the Portuguese made an art of European architecture can be perceived, in addition to the symbolic meanings of Java will be retained. But if we observe the meaning of Java building more dominant element here. Tamansari built during Sultan Hamengkubuwono I or XVII century AD.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Travel comfortably with your baby

Holiday season has arrived, but not a few parents who do not want to travel, because they had children. And as children are still healing, and travel by car or plane can be comfortable. How can I do?

Arriving by car

Road to the car where the baby is not at all difficult. But we must remember that every mother that the trip was something new for children. Want to feel uncomfortable and may not subside. For the game, the easiest way to feed him.

If the mother and child in the car and the rear seat. A child sitting next to my mother, with a car seat. Despite the complexity of the rounds or not, and can continue breastfeeding for mother and child.

In some women, and some select milk bottle when you admit you're driving. To do this, make sure the child is ready for feeding from a bottle. If you drive your own car, do not always try to do this with a bottle while driving.

During the journey, not just the needs of children. My mother still kept in shape. There are plenty of rest and drink enough milk to keep smooth.

Air travel

Get to buy on an airplane with a child who is recovering from a little hard right. But it can be overcome with planning and difficulties.

Before boarding the plane, in order for the child to full feed. And children who are breastfed are usually not going to be difficult when the plane took off. If signs of a baby crying or nervous when the plane took off, and feed directly. Changes in pressure and took the nervousness of the aircraft, which generally form the children. At this time we recommend that breastfed infants. Should the nose, mouth and ears are open

Do not forget to bring a blanket, if he sits on the board. Selimutilah your child during an airplane in the air is still seen as generally very cold.

Is set to secure the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations (the national civil aviation authorities in the United States) and for children, while they were on the plane in your chair. When this is done it will be difficult for mothers to breastfeed. But this does not mean that mothers can not.

What is the situation of children breastfeeding at a special seat on the plane with nursing children in a car seat. If the mother of a baby car seat lining, and of course, would be if the aircraft is not more difficult.

Other options, other than direct breastfeeding can do is bottle. Production of milk in the bottle before boarding an aircraft. It must be remembered that milk can not be long. Milk is pumped out and not in a room without air conditioning have more than four hours.

Travel through time using the same car when the road to the plane, and you still do not also pay attention to their particular circumstances. Do not get dehydrated. Sleep when baby sleeps. to eat healthy foods, such as those who are not too much salt and sugar because these foods make it fast enough.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday tips for my mother without feeling guilty

Warming the wedding back,, you can do this with a holiday together and alone. But fathers and mothers in particular, Often feel guilty if you store a vacation without children.

Such as leave without a guilty conscience? Consider the Following tips to keep your holiday pleasure:

Prepare children
leave to mothers in general with the children to leave for fear the child They Becomes restless or Fussy. Family counselor Doug Emid suggested the fear of reducing That and prepare your child before the holidays.

to hide for children from two years ago, in an attempt to play and mouse. These children learn games cans Pls They stick together is not always the mother or the father. They understand the importance of the game.

While children from preschool, my mom and dad cans play with toys at home or another home. During the game, Pls tell the child his father and mother for Some time and the grandmother (or whatever) come, They will of be going to.

"Tell Them not as a father and child and the mother to let down, but now That They have to leave the only large, mothers and fathers was a half day or day of all. When was the Largest, and the father and the mother cans go for a longer period, "advises Emid.

Allow your child to start training. Try to go for A Few hours with a partner and let your child at home with people you trust. If the first experiment, and the children do not like it Pls he left, it means That you leave in peace. But if the first attempt fails and the preservation of the child to exercise Until you feel comfortable with someone you trust to care for.

Care of the child is ready
In planning a vacation, you Should Be Prepared not only for the child. Whether it is Also Necessary to Provide, in Kindergarten grandmother, aunt or a nanny before you leave. Ask Them to come, a week or five days before your holiday. Also preparation and other forms of care, care of just in case somebody to someone you trust for sick children Suddenly knows.

Many Things need the care of the child be Notified Marshall before your holiday. For example, the existing problem of food for the children. Enter any menus and recipes for Them. Also You can prepare a meal and the Semi-Finals and then frozen in the refrigerator.

Do not forget you more money to give to someone you trust to keep the children. You can use this money for emergencies or other issues are Used.

Mothers Should Also leave a special note for the care of children. This entry cans be any species, for example:

1. Should be given doses of the drug if the child was sick.
2. Dipunya sensitivity of children (if any).
3. Mobile pediatrician.
4. Phone numbers of family or close friends.
5. Plan your trip During the holiday season.

Ready to go
Children and carers of children at the time, is ready to leave. But there are still Things That need to be taken into account. One of Them, whether the child is ill, Suddenly, two days before departure? Aware of this, you need to know more about the cancellation of the holiday. If you have a travel service, use, and asked about the possibility of cancellation and is still Able to forward to another day.

First Came before the deadline May Also occur. If That Happens, and find out how much it costs and how to stay in the home again.

If the above two Things Do not Happen bersiaplan the full enjoyment of a holiday. Happy Holidays!

Beauty Jatijajajar Cave in Kebumen Indonesia

From a number of attractions in Kebumen, Goa Jatijajar still be excellent. Tourism object is located 21 km southwest of the District Gombong visitors visited every year.

Visitors who came were very diverse, do not always come from the community around Kebumen. They are also coming from big cities in Indonesia, whose aim would like to know the charm of nature in the bowels of the earth.

Privilege, not a few of the attractions offered Jatijajar Cave. Inside the cave there is an underground river which are still active. There are also two spring, the magnolia and Spring Rose Spring. In two spring that can be approached visitors were still trusted, who would wash his face with spring water can stay young.

The flow of water from the Spring Rose through a narrow hole through me out of the cave. Basically, magnolia Sendang encountered narrow elongated holes, so it must pass through a cave dive.

There are still two more spring, ie Jombor and Puserbumi. Both the spring is sacred. Only with the permission of the manager, was allowed to go through the cave tunnel. Certain people who have the desire, to place offerings in the spring that is said will be granted his prayer.

Problem Jatijajar Goa origin who did not know exactly. But the story said, Jatijajar Cave was first discovered a peasant village called Djajamenawi in the year 1802. The man accidentally fell into the cave. After the soil covering the hall is cleaned by the residents, found a hole into the cave.

From the story of the population, there are two versions about the origins of the Cave Jatijajar. First, after Djajamenawi found the cave, it soon became Regent Ambal, one of the rulers Kebumen that time, reviewing the location.

We went to the cave, he met two teak trees grow side by side and parallel to the edge of the mouth of the cave. From the story and found the term Jatijajar, from the word identity parallel.

Since 1974, Kebumen and the provincial government of Central Java (Central Java) started dealing with the cave as a tourist attraction. A year later, along the corridor cave placed 32 sculptures depicting the legend of Raden Kamandaka. The legend is very famous in the region Banyumas.

From this version, when Kamandaka Silihwarni chased from the cave he identified himself. He has admitted as crown prince Pajajaran. From the story it appears the word sejatine (actual) and Pejajaran. Cave Name Last Jatijajar famous until now

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pasir Panjang Beach A beautiful vacation spot in Pontianak Indonesia

Singkawang Known as the City of Amoy and its China Town of Indonesia, since the majority of the population (about 70%) are ethnic hard. Visiting the town IMMEDIATELY adjacent to the State of Sarawak, Malaysia was, of course not complete Until they've been visiting Pasir Panjang.
The beach is a tourist icon Singkawang a tourist attraction and one of the mainstays of West Kalimantan province has developed into an integrated tourism package Indah Taman Pasir Panjang (TPPI). Named to the Pasir Panjang beach as long stretches of open sea vault.


Pasir Panjang Singkawang From shore, visitors enjoy panoramic ocean blue cans is Also a blue background horizon. Faintly in the distance hade Lemukutan Island Green Island, scarf and a fenced Randayan Natuna Sea Island. Wide sandy beaches and clean comfortable making this area is Used for sunbathing or doing sports activities, Standard and Poor 'Beach Volleyball and beach soccer.

Clear and clean sea water is very supportive activities of the WHO visitors want to swim or dive. In Addition, relatively large waves and Became home to many fish, so That the proper arena Used once as a surfing and fishing areas.

Long sand

The atmosphere of this increasingly exclusive region of seconds before sunset (sunset) That behind-the islands are all around this coastal area. Can visitors enjoy it from the shore or from numerous tourist lodges in the area.

When bored on the beach, Can visitors browse the public life of a fishing village not too far from the beach, or relax in the shelter-shelter located in the Peninsula of Love.

Location Pasir Panjang Beach Singkawang

Pasir Panjang Beach Is located in District of Seventeen, Singkawang, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.


Singkawang is about 142 kilometers from the city of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Province. Supadio Airport or Bus Terminal Pontianak, Can visitors take a taxi, travel, or a bus to Singkawang. From the center Singkawang, Pasir Panjang Beach is about 17 kilometers away. Can visitors access it by taxi, bus or minibus.

Ticket Prices

Visitor fee of USD 5.000, - per person.

Accommodation and Other Facilities

Pasir Panjang Singkawang In the area of Pasir Panjang beach there are tourist information centers, Discos, speed boat rental, water bicycles, darmoling, karting, shelter, shelters, cabin tours, and souvenir shops. Visitors Who Are not accustomed to swimming at the beach cans swim in the pool of available, but That does not like swimming or sunbathing Can be surrounding the beach with banana boat ride. Visitors to WHO on their children bring cans still have fun Because this area is children's playground.

Visitors are not going to be having trouble finding food Because in this area there are restaurants, cafes, food stalls, and hawkers. So do you want to stay, do not have to bother Bringing a tent or sleeping bag Because this region is available guesthouse and hotels with Various types.

Location: Singkawang

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beauty Bangkirai hil in East Kalimantan Indonesia

Bangkirai hill is a natural tourism area managed by PT. Inhutani I Unit I Balikpapan. This tourist area is located in District Samboja, Regency, East Kalimantan. Bangkirai hill can be reached through the journey overland for 1.5 hours from the city of Balikpapan.

This tour offers the charm of a tropical rain forest's natural, that dilengkatp with tourist facilities such as restaurants, Lamin for meetings, a swimming pool, and jungle cottage or cabin. In this area there are canopy bridge (bridge canopy) along a 64 m suspended from a tree connecting the five Bangkirai at an altitude of 30 m. The bridge is the first header in Indonesia, both in Asia and the eighth in the world. Its construction was made in the United States.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bukit Kelam (Kelam Hill) Nature Tourism

Tourism Region in the Bukit Kelam (Kelam hill) district Permai dark. The attraction of natural tourist attraction, particularly hilly area of Bukit dark natural attractions can be seen from the hills of the condition itself, which has a distinctive beauty. Forest Hill tourist jet to lie between two major rivers namely Sungai Kapuas River Melawi and SdubDAS Melawi and included in the tour where the existence of these forests is an area source of flowing water as the river that locals use for drinking water, toilets and irrigation.

Based on the observation of known good quality of river waters in the forest tourism is dominated by hills and forests of this tour is very potential to be developed as a tourist attraction for the location alarn and kite flying and rock climbing because it is situated at an altitude of 50-900 meters from the sea surface with a slope between 15 ° - 40 ° and slope above 45 °. Trees that grow at the foot of the hill trunked generally high, while dipuncaknya overgrown bushes bushes. On a wall overgrown with vegetation due to the hills rarely consist of steep stone so that the trees that are grown and arranged neatly in a vase.

On this hill there are also rare plants such as Giant Nepenthes which the local people used as a container UNTL * k cooking the rice, while also there is the Black Orchid. Currently Bu-kit region direnopasi dark already and the region serve as the Center for the Boy Scout Camp. To reach the peak of Bukit dark current has built a ladder with a height of ± 90 m, located on the west side. Bukit dark areas currently being developed as a series of other hills such as Bukit Luit and Bukit Rentab. In addition, the area is very good if you built a resort that can be
developed into an attractive tourist villages and unique.

It is also not free from the presence of two long houses near the location of these hills is Ensaid Short and Long House Long Ensaid.

For visitors who love adventure and challenges of natural landscapes of the original missed the dark hill is a suitable place to meet your tastes. The climb to the top of the hill can be reached in two ways:

1. use the stairs
2. through a very steep rock cliffs and challenging.

Can be seen from the Peak Hill is a very beautiful natural scenery such as:

1. Tropical forests and various species of plants langk.
2. Two flanking City watershed district
3. City Planning Sintang and existing rice fields below.

All of which is the most amazing landscapes and scenery are very comfortable, can be visited through land transportation with a distance of 18 km from the city.

How to reach:

Object name: Bukit Kelam (Kelam hill)
Accessible from: Capital District
Vehicle: public Vehicle
Facilities: Ring Road hill, stairs to reach the hill
Description: - from the capital district: 19 km
- From the ring road of the hill: 10 km

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Swiss Belhotel Manokwari

The hotel is three star hotel with 98 rooms total in the heart of Manokwari about 10 minutes from the airport Rendani. Room facilities Satellite TV, air conditioning, phone line, spoil the mini-bar and the Internet with modern style for every guest staying designed.
By Category upper rooms, deluxe rooms, junior suites and executive suites, suites and apartments Precidential, Swiss Belhotel Manokwari is the choice of many guests from various circles attended Manokwari Ka

In addition to modern amenities, the hotel business center, swimming pool, restaurant, spa, karaoke postal, shipping, ticketing and Raja Ampat VIP lounge, a cafe, laundry, fitness center and of course, serve the maximum.

During four days in Swiss Belhotel Manokwari stayed, you get a good service. Both in terms of the availability of facilities and personalized service from all staff and the staff of the hotel.
Thanks Swiss Belhotel Manokwari ..

, Dada, Riri, Nadine,

Swiss Belhotel Manokwari
Jln. YOS Sudarso No.8
Manokwari, West Papua, Indonesia
Tel: (62-986) 212 999 Fax: (62-986) 212 777

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trans studio theme park in Indonesia

Trans Studio Theme Park, the largest indoor amusement park in Indonesia. An area of 0.7 hectares 2 and is on the main road Jalan Tanjung Bunga Metro, Makassar, about 2 km from the district Losari away.

Design Studio has been known through the garden of John Stephenson, director of Kung Fu Panda. This park offers 21 (21) for the game in the form of entertainment to find vehicles in Region 4 (four) different and unique.

Studio Central

With the architectural style make Hollywood 60 Sitesettings Broadway feel. There are 5 in the region of Central Entertainment Center, namely:

1) through the City Theatre

Accuracy of the performance stage of the Broadway musical with music and dance exciting.

2) Cinema 4D

Here I enjoy the feeling of a film called 4 (four) dimensions, and the film is animated movie SpongeBob SquarePants. In the glasses 4 (four) dimensions make the images we see are very real. Even with a seat for the transmission history of the film to feature this car very attractive fit.

3) a car bumper

Arena called brewing and free car game, and was wounded and another car in the courtyard of the car.

4) Grand View Studio ESIA

adorn Dancing rides like the Ferris wheel with a height of 18 meters and lights, that the steering wheel.

5. Round Studio)

The technological development can fly us to the impact of a green screen.

West b) City

In this area is the theme of the adventure. There are 5 entertainment in the lost city, that includes:

1) safari drive: path in the forest with animals and jungle scenery.

2) C Bolang: Entertainment Lang is in the House of Representatives (boy adventurer) is done with a variety of interesting results, as well as home design unique.

3) Bicycle Aviation: Aviation bike ride, and I'm here to ride a bicycle in the air. May, in fact, to reduce congestion on the road safely.

4) for wild animals: an adventure by train and explore the forest of cardboard. I love being around me in a cartoon on television with the world.

Explore 5): Take the leisure boat attached to the rail, and finished with perjalana dive boat in the water that we may be wet.

C) cardboard city

Early in this area felt I like I was back to my little world. Colorful cartoon world that captures the imagination and membuaikan,
Traveled to meet with characters from favorite cartoons. Bicycle rentals include the following:

1) Kid Studio: Studio is to children, where children can learn pertelvisian the world dedicated to correct.

2) ROW: Auto, where we sit with the President that binds us to the top, then flew into the air.

3) ESIA Karousel: round and round on the carousel rides with friends.

4) Balloon House: House Beautiful balloon, suitable for a children's playground.

5) Swing waves: the thrill of the ride with the waves behind a ship in the ocean.

6) Mini Boom Boom Car: Arena brewed more cars in the small compared to the car bumper.

7 Kano time): a small river play with sail boat.

D) Corner Magic

Of 4 (four) of these areas, we have an area favorite, Magic Corner. It was a favorite in this area and there are four types of exciting games, and this is the ship Roal magic and lightning play, Dragon Tower, riding a different world and that is the secret code of the event in the Trans

1) Magic Roller Coaster

Roller coaster rides with the settings all over the place of Big Ben. Interesting and very funny.

2) Dragon Tower

Ride, where we drop the fort, and sat on a chair in a circle, then rose and fell in autumn, and therefore feels like a Jordan (such as the Tower of Terror at Disney Land). Very pleasant and stimulating adrenaline.

3) I'm thunder

Car, where we sit on the boat, which moves up and down rotation about the axis of the lamp in the middle. My advice is do not drive after every meal.

4) the other world

Represent the nuances of horror and creepy. The preparation of the darkness and TV programs with the same title, and leads us to an area full of tension. Is not allowed to take pictures of this car.

The important note for those visiting the Trans-garden studio is the studio does not apply to money. To enjoy all types of games in the garden with the help of a smart card, called the studio hallway. The studio is used to pass on the digital map to operations in the park.

Around in the garden, and every president must have a studio with no less than 100 thousand Pass (10,000 to be distributed free of charge and go and play the rest of the Rp90.000 other rounds). But there are additional fees in a private car, play like a different world. There is a private group (the pack) at Rs 160,000 ($ 160,000) for the entire vehicle.

Overall, the studio across from the park also interesting to visit, especially for those of you who want to return to feel the baby.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

List of tour in the city Palembang

List of tour in the city of Kilkenny

Nature tourism, tourism, cooking, tourism, cultural and historical sights, and did everything in full in the capital of South Sumatra. If you are looking from Palembang to bring not just the beginning mpek - take mpeknya, but also to the experience of starting value for a variety of attractions it.

When the aircraft to gain access to Palembang, and probably with a lot of tourist information in Sultan Mahmud II Badarudin use airport welcomes, but if the passage of ships, and you will not find similar things in a new port of prosperity. And get advice, and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Palembang. On Jl. Sultan Mahmud Badr al-Din II, No. 2, slightly less than the museum Badarudin Sultan. You can bring a variety of brochures and guides on these issues Pempek.

In this paper, we list the few attractions that are used as a reference, while the city can explore Pempek. Here we go!

1. Nature Tourism
- Musi River
Boats Bidar and decorations adorn Moses ssetiap Holiday Independence Day Palembang (June 17).
- Island Kemaro
It is a Buddhist temple, the temple open and very crowded during the celebration of the Cap Go Meh.
- Forest Park Tourism Punti Kayu
Enjoy the gardens and facilities: swimming pools and places of worship, and zoos, and sports facilities. There is also a protected forest areas and campgrounds, and lakes and marshes.
- Phuket Siguntang
Enjoy a panoramic view over the city of Palembang Siguntang high mountain. This hill is also a tourist attraction archaeological.

2. Culinary Tours
All types of pempek Kilkenny native tongue, of course you have to come before the return to the place of origin.
- Pempek: Pempek U-boat, I know Pempek, Lenggang Pempek, Pepmpek papaya, Lenjer Pempek, BBQ Pempek, and the circumstances Pempek, Pempek crackers, Model, Tekwan, Lakitan, Celimpungan, Burgo, Lakso, Ketolo, Kelasan, Kelempang .
Quick Jiwo, Mentu, Bugis, kuepau, APEM, Banyu APEM, gossip, Tau Bhutto, Bhutto Virgin, Telok ukan, mistakes, cooked rice, punar sticky Klepon, Bodem, gelenak, Hai engkak porous engkak: Snacks diversity in the early - sticky rice engkak.

3. Tour History
- Masjid Agung Palembang
- Besak Kuto Castle
- Bridge
- Monument of the suffering of the people
- Second Badr al-Din Sultan Museum
- Museum of deities Balaputra
- Srivijaya Kingdom Archaeological Park
- Village Captain

4. Cultural tourism
- Textile Songket Palembang (Ji and Ji in the lap Hatta Naga Swidak ...)
- Gending Sriwijaya mejeng dance dance dance dance, and so far Songket weaving, Cempako kindergarten, dance Besuko, TariMadik, Dul art of kings and Wayang Palembang.

In fact, there are many attractions in the city from the list of Palembang, please add, if it miss my girlfriend. Some tips when you visit Palembang forget to bring you not Songket by the original, it can be much cheaper if you buy directly in the place of manufacture.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Batakan Beach Has A Beautiful Panorama

Batakan Beach Village is located in Batakan, Panyipatan District, Tanah Laut (Tala), about 125 kilometers east of Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan Capital). To reach the site Batakan Coast, from Banjarmasin city is relatively easy because the road condition is good. Although the course berkelak Winding-up and down, but it presents a beautiful scenery in the form of rows of verdant hills, the yellow carpet of rice field and fishing village situated on the beach.

Batakan Beach is a marine tourism object that is integrated with the natural panorama of mountains, because there are hills on the east side pine that becomes part of the mountain range. In this beach visitors can surround the beach while using a rented horse, relax under the pine trees while enjoying the beauty of the beach, or watching the panorama of nature, especially when the sun will set (sunset). In addition to day trips around the coast, visitors can also visit the island of Datu which was situated some distance in front of the beach Batakan. In this island there is a religious sights are the tomb of Datu Pamulutan, a scholar who is considered as the guardians of God.

For the record, just like other recreational places in Indonesia, Côte Batakan also be furnished with typical recreation facilities, such as the bathroom to rinse, houses of worship (mosques), stage entertainment, cottages, restourant, lodging, playground, to the parking area vehicle large enough.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nature Tours Kembang Island in Banjarmasin

Kembang island is a delta island located in the middle of the Barito river that is included in district administrative region Alalak, Kuala Barito regency, South Kalimantan province. Kembang Island located west of Banjarmasin city. Kembang Island designated as forest tourism based on the Decree. Minister of Agriculture No. 788/Kptsum12/1976 with area 60 ha.

Inside the forest tourism have altars dedicated as a place to put the offering to "guard" Kembang island who symbolized by statues of two white monkeys manifested (Hanuman conduct), by-Tionghoa Ethnic communities from Indonesia that have a certain vows or vows. A goat horns gilded usually released into the jungle island Fireworks successful or if a request had been answered.

The first time you set foot on the island of flowers, be careful because the monkey's pretty aggressive pretty, secure the small stuff because the monkey likes nyamperin goods visitors. Now, let's not hijacked by the same monkeys that we should prepare snacks for them, such as beans, bananas, etc.. Unfortunately the local governments seem less attention and care for this island, it proved increasingly squalid Flower Island because a lot of junk stuck, let alone fit very wet rainy season. Many guides there are also wild, they like ngikutin we explore the island, they finally asked for money from us. But even then Island Kembang really fun to visit.