Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trans studio theme park in Indonesia

Trans Studio Theme Park, the largest indoor amusement park in Indonesia. An area of 0.7 hectares 2 and is on the main road Jalan Tanjung Bunga Metro, Makassar, about 2 km from the district Losari away.

Design Studio has been known through the garden of John Stephenson, director of Kung Fu Panda. This park offers 21 (21) for the game in the form of entertainment to find vehicles in Region 4 (four) different and unique.

Studio Central

With the architectural style make Hollywood 60 Sitesettings Broadway feel. There are 5 in the region of Central Entertainment Center, namely:

1) through the City Theatre

Accuracy of the performance stage of the Broadway musical with music and dance exciting.

2) Cinema 4D

Here I enjoy the feeling of a film called 4 (four) dimensions, and the film is animated movie SpongeBob SquarePants. In the glasses 4 (four) dimensions make the images we see are very real. Even with a seat for the transmission history of the film to feature this car very attractive fit.

3) a car bumper

Arena called brewing and free car game, and was wounded and another car in the courtyard of the car.

4) Grand View Studio ESIA

adorn Dancing rides like the Ferris wheel with a height of 18 meters and lights, that the steering wheel.

5. Round Studio)

The technological development can fly us to the impact of a green screen.

West b) City

In this area is the theme of the adventure. There are 5 entertainment in the lost city, that includes:

1) safari drive: path in the forest with animals and jungle scenery.

2) C Bolang: Entertainment Lang is in the House of Representatives (boy adventurer) is done with a variety of interesting results, as well as home design unique.

3) Bicycle Aviation: Aviation bike ride, and I'm here to ride a bicycle in the air. May, in fact, to reduce congestion on the road safely.

4) for wild animals: an adventure by train and explore the forest of cardboard. I love being around me in a cartoon on television with the world.

Explore 5): Take the leisure boat attached to the rail, and finished with perjalana dive boat in the water that we may be wet.

C) cardboard city

Early in this area felt I like I was back to my little world. Colorful cartoon world that captures the imagination and membuaikan,
Traveled to meet with characters from favorite cartoons. Bicycle rentals include the following:

1) Kid Studio: Studio is to children, where children can learn pertelvisian the world dedicated to correct.

2) ROW: Auto, where we sit with the President that binds us to the top, then flew into the air.

3) ESIA Karousel: round and round on the carousel rides with friends.

4) Balloon House: House Beautiful balloon, suitable for a children's playground.

5) Swing waves: the thrill of the ride with the waves behind a ship in the ocean.

6) Mini Boom Boom Car: Arena brewed more cars in the small compared to the car bumper.

7 Kano time): a small river play with sail boat.

D) Corner Magic

Of 4 (four) of these areas, we have an area favorite, Magic Corner. It was a favorite in this area and there are four types of exciting games, and this is the ship Roal magic and lightning play, Dragon Tower, riding a different world and that is the secret code of the event in the Trans

1) Magic Roller Coaster

Roller coaster rides with the settings all over the place of Big Ben. Interesting and very funny.

2) Dragon Tower

Ride, where we drop the fort, and sat on a chair in a circle, then rose and fell in autumn, and therefore feels like a Jordan (such as the Tower of Terror at Disney Land). Very pleasant and stimulating adrenaline.

3) I'm thunder

Car, where we sit on the boat, which moves up and down rotation about the axis of the lamp in the middle. My advice is do not drive after every meal.

4) the other world

Represent the nuances of horror and creepy. The preparation of the darkness and TV programs with the same title, and leads us to an area full of tension. Is not allowed to take pictures of this car.

The important note for those visiting the Trans-garden studio is the studio does not apply to money. To enjoy all types of games in the garden with the help of a smart card, called the studio hallway. The studio is used to pass on the digital map to operations in the park.

Around in the garden, and every president must have a studio with no less than 100 thousand Pass (10,000 to be distributed free of charge and go and play the rest of the Rp90.000 other rounds). But there are additional fees in a private car, play like a different world. There is a private group (the pack) at Rs 160,000 ($ 160,000) for the entire vehicle.

Overall, the studio across from the park also interesting to visit, especially for those of you who want to return to feel the baby.

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