Friday, June 26, 2009

An African Safari Jao Can Be Described As The Ultimate African Adventure

For a true African adventure, the African Safari of Jao in Botswana is the vacation to book. Jao is known for its high concentration of Lion. It can offer both land and water activities on the river Okavango. This area is known for its predators and, Jao Camp itself, is located on the border of the Moremi Game Reserve.

The camp is on a densely wooded oval shaped island that overlooks the vast flood plains of Botswana. It has incredible habitats and permanent waterways and lagoons. An African safari in Jao is a very memorable safari. The skilled staff at Jao Camp will see to it that all of your needs are met, African style.

The Jao African safari wildlife experience is pure African wildlife at its finest. Chances are good that every wild animal that you want to experience will appear. A Jao African safari experience is the safari of a lifetime.

The Accommodations

Your Jao African safari accommodations will consist of African style luxury rooms. The bedrooms are raised wooden decks above palm carpets, constructed of split bamboo and thatch with canvas walls. Each room also has a “sala” for midday siestas with a superb view. Each camp can sleep a maximum of 16 people. Each suite includes a flush toilet and basin, shower and an outdoor shower. Underneath a tree canopy of cool thatch you will find the main dining room and pub area. There is a pool and an outdoor boma for dining under the stars. A raised walkway connects the rooms to the dining rooms and lounge areas.

Game Viewing

Your Jao African safari experience offers excellent game drives, mokoro excursions, short guided walks and boating trips. Since Jao Camp is next to the Moremi Game Reserve, night drives are permitted. This allows your African safari Jao trip to include an exclusive view of the nocturnally active animals in the area.

Your Jao African safari will most probably include views of Lion and Leopard in their natural habitats. Tsessebe, Lechwe and Wildebeest roam all over the flood plains. The wildlife appearances in Jao depend mainly on the water levels in the area. But, generally, a diverse group of wild animals will be plentiful on your safari.

The lagoons are the home to the Hippo and Crocodile. The permanent water areas attract large numbers of these two animals. But the King of the Jungle, the Lion, will be a sure thing. The Jao African safari is known for its abundance of Lion sightings. Have your camera in hand and don’t miss this one of a kind jungle experience.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Would Like to Present to You the Ontario Walleye - Ontario Walleye Fishing- Maybe Your Next Adventure

Ontario Walleye Fishing is not only exhilarating and pleasurable but also some of the best in the world. Meet the Walleye and learn their habits and other facts that will enable you to plan a successful Ontario Walleye Fishing adventure!

A fish most beloved by Canadian anglers is the Walleye. And Ontario Walleye Fishing is some of the greatest in the world. The reasons behind why Walleyes are so admired is very fascinating and can also aid you in planning a winning Canadian Walleye fishing quest.

They get their nickname from their bizarre and uncommon eyes. The eyes of Walleyes have a distinctive covering that most fish lack. This covering is light sensitive, gathering even limited light in poor conditions. Because of this skill Walleyes have a clear advantage over their prey. They like to prowl for their next meal in low light conditions such as dusk or sunrise to make the most of this advantage. Knowing this, knowledgeable fishermen will toss lures and crank baits in the early hours and at the end of the day, as the sun in not on the water.

An additional trait of the Walleye is that they contain nerve endings along the sides of their body. Sensors that can feel the smallest of vibrations, the flip of a fin or a thumping heart. Again they employ this talent to their advantage, they don't have to "set eyes on" their prey to identify their position. This is particularly a leg up close to shoreline in the weeds or where mucky banks cause the water to have inadequate visibility. Walleye will affix to these locations all through the day and will feed on any unwary victim that swims by. Bait anglers will seek these conditions during daytime hours for greatest outcome.

Don't overlook their teeth! These will not let go prey when they latch on and of course this is not where you would want any of your fingers. Many an angler has landed a second larger Walleye latched on to a smaller fish they were unwilling to let go of! Walleye are strong and powerful and because of this they are great fighters. This makes for some exhilarating fishing for anglers of all ages. Their antagonistic actions makes for some volatile strikes that will catch you by surprise no matter how many times you go through it.

Ontario Walleye fishing is quite productive with dozens of fish caught by an angler each day. They can develop to as much as 20 pounds and be an average of 2 to 5 pounds. I saved the best for last... Walleyes are great tasting! Although Canadian anglers have a lot of species available the Walleye is a favorite meal. Practicing catch a release most of the time is a great idea for preserving the future of Ontario Walleye Fishing alive but don't forget to save a couple for the skillet.

If you don't have any Walleye in your neighborhood you might want to plan your next fishing expedition to include a location where they thrive. Happy Fishing!