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Dili, the City of Sunrice

Capital of the Republic of Congo or East Timor East Timor is a beautiful little town. Timor means sunrise. Interestingly, the nationality of the flag image of new star appeared to loromulu (sunset).

Dili's population is only about a million people. Perhaps only in the amount of Cianjur town. In the newly independent state since 2002, and the luxury of not more clear. It sometimes seems, in spite of a luxury car - like the BMW Z3, Mercedes-Benz SLK350 and others - and some houses that look great and noble in general and the people are still poor. People's houses are on the walls of palm midrib of the city have been found.

Dili city expressly apply the maximum speed of 40 miles per hour. Take a taxi in Dili was like an old car is able to run fast. Jakarta, people feel a stranger in the middle of a day flows are slow.

East Timor, with the two official languages, namely Portuguese and Tetum. Is written to all offices, buildings and street names in Portuguese. However, if we can only say Obrigado (Thanks) and sound (thanks again), and we can with reasonable fluency in Dili to communicate, because most of them can speak Indonesian. There is a small percentage of the educated also speak English.


Can the plane from Dili, Denpasar, Bali to be achieved. This route is used daily by Merpati. Other airline in the Middle Air (formerly Austasia Airlines), and the Service Road Singapore Daily twice a week. Worked together to draw this line with Air Air Lines. Another followed by air Darwin to Dili, 6 trips per week, and Embraer 170 jets (capacity of 76 passengers) from Airnorth run (soon change its name to the waters of the East) served. Dili, traveled to Darwin, the distance in less than 1 hour.

The plane landed at the airport, Mr. President, Nicolau Lobatu, which is still more popular with the old name: Comoros airport. Taxis from the airport to the Daily about $ 3.

There are two types of companies from Kupang - Timor-Leste Oeste Travel, Travel Paradise - Service Lane Daily Kupang Kupang. Overland journey takes 10-11 hours, depending on the length of migration at the border. One-way ticket to Rs 170,000 and Rs 200,000 (executive, Milan).

Because the ability of the two companies were limited traffic another way, the public bus from Kupang to Atambua (6-7 hours by car) to be used. Atambua of taxis and motorbikes or public transport to the eye of death (about 30 minutes). This is not very comfortable, because the distance between the two countries from the immigration office far enough away for a short distance. Migration from East Timor and there are taxis Batugade motorcycle, the nearest small town in East Timor, about 3 miles from the border.

From Batugade, with public buses travel in Taci Tolo ($ 3), connected on the outskirts of Dili. Around the center of Dili is necessary to take a taxi (about U.S. $ 3).


Voice of America are (Visa on arrival) at the airport or port of Dili at a price of U.S. $ 30 For those who have used the East Timor on the road (border), there are immigration system in the eye of death (near Atambua) and Salele (near Suai). Only a citizen of Indonesia and Timor-Leste, the Voice of America on the borders can not get any of this. Do the citizens of other countries to obtain a visa before crossing the border by land.

Bureau of Immigration - both for Indonesia and Timor-Leste - on the border is only open from 8.00 bis 17.00 clock. Why should not cross the border at night to be performed.

Currency, credit cards and bank transactions

Until now still East Timor and the U.S. dollar. All transactions are in U.S. dollars. Smaller area is $ 1. The medal, and printed in 2006, cutting the existing 10.25 centavos centavos and 50 centavos from the Central Bank of East Timor. Currency U.S. Dollar Q applies here.

Bank Mandiri has an office in Dili but the ATM is out only for customers of the Bank Mandiri Daily ATM card alone. Z can only get cash transactions with an ATM card or international credit cards.

Credit cards are accepted in major hotels, to some extent - and also paying 5.25%. Almost all restaurants and bars do not accept credit cards. In other words, cash dollars to bring in sufficient quantity. Do not be surprised if you are later in Dili, in denominations of USD1 money on too much.


Hotel Turismo that popular in the irrigation has now been demolished. Great is the only hotel in East Timor Hotel (Rua dos Martires de Patria, 670 324 502), near Dili do Porto (port). Transit USD135 - 250, while only two of the stars hotel fits in Indonesia.

I would (Rua dos Direitos Humanos Lecidere, 670 3313958) as the Hotel Dili. Small Hotel (equivalent to 1 - Five-star hotel in Indonesia), but comfortable and clean, and place of residence for an extended stay guests from various international organizations that have service in East Timor. Understandably, the hotel is close almost to the Office of the World Bank and other international institutions. Best deal $ 48 (without bath) and USD65 - 100 for rooms that are equipped with a bathroom.

Some other good hotels are: Novo Horizonte Plaza Central, ocean view, beach Daily and others. There is also a cheap accommodation for backpackers, and smoked, in Mandarin.


Are presented and one of my favorites in each city by visiting a traditional market. Daily Halley Laran Mercado (open from 03.00 clock), two miles from the center of the city. This market replaces the Mercado Lama very close to the Palacio do Governo.

When walking in the market, make a careful Photos. Average East Timor are not like photographs. There is also a kind of feeling that they are less tourists, like Indonesia.

Public Transportation in Dili and a taxi. No feet! Must be based on the prices of the distance to be negotiated. This can be achieved most of the stations, the city with the duties between the 2 - USD1. If necessary, you can also rent a bike a day from $ 15 - 20

Dili city is not large enough to easily walk - especially in the afternoon when the sun is not very snappy. One way is to walk along the Avenida Governador Alida Alves, who was on the beach. On the road there is still well preserved on many of the old building and use the various offices. European Union, for example, one of the old building with large trees him.

And is also the main features of Dili in this path, do Governo Palacio, who is now in the Office of the President, the Prime Minister and Parliament. Beach in front of Palacio also a place where people are accustomed to the air. From this coast, Dili and small cities in the Mediterranean.

In the east, and there is also a beach in the afternoon turned into a fish market. Nearby there is a garden with a small statue of Fatima. Many sellers beverages, fruits, and roasted corn, along the coast. If you are still in the east, and are popular dive sites to some degree.

In the west, past the harbor, and the explicit messages of the various countries. In Motael, there is the Catholic Church with the ancient past uranium that the use of a typical Portuguese style. Cathedral is not far removed from the Motael.

Currently there are no good centers in Dili. Mall Plaza and East project to install the plate and promising: In the face of East Timor. In fact, the size is larger than any simple little shopping center on the outskirts of Bekasi.

After sunset, Dili turned into a ghost town. Silence! Many people are no longer hang out at night, except at a certain point of the set, such as coconut along the coast. Drinking places are open until midnight. Even I was surprised when I came back to the hotel at 22:00 and was found and closed the front gate.


In the morning, many street vendors in the city pa'un bread. Some use bicycles, others on foot. And many commented at some point in the city. There are two types of pa'un bread. A common form of Bonn, and not flat, surface, solid (dry), and it is not difficult as well. Another form is like the bread in the past, pillows, softer texture. Each of the new, with the sound a little salt.

Pa'un eat only bread - no butter, no jelly - to accompany a cup of coffee. In the market, and the price is 25 centavos (about U.S. $ 2500) for three loaves. In the cafe, and the price is slightly more expensive. Unfortunately, it seems that many of the roadside coffee stall in Dili. In fact, Timor coffee (from the same Ermera) is very famous for its quality. Many people of Timor coffee and souvenirs. Caffeine, and a high level, and acid (sour taste) low, and a special smell.

It is difficult to find a traditional meal of East Timor in Dili, for a very small number of restaurants that serve it. One of them Restorante mulatta (Rua Nularan, 670 7.27078 million), is near Campo Democracia (at the time of the Scout named irrigation). However, when I visited there and found that these foods are available. In fact, I really want to discrimination Baatar taste - a kind of porridge with a mixture of meat, peanuts and vegetables, and star fruit.

One of the other majors in East Timor is a popular MEDARD sin, a kind of pig sauce. Does not sell, sometimes found Baatar discrimination in the shops, the food in Kampung Alor. May Kampung Alor, where Muslims are a minority in East Timor to look for in a safe place for halal food. There are also close to a mosque only.

Roadside food is probably the only type of fuel the fire (grill). In all parts of Palm Beach, on Avenida de Portugal (near the pier Pertamina), and at night a lot of grilled fish merchants. A skewer of grilled fish (shrimp, squid and fish) or the average prices of chicken 25-50 centavos (about 2500-5000 U.S. dollars). Eaten grilled fish or chicken with rice cakes (25 cents). East Timor's transition to love, eat with sambal diamond ABC. And even seasoned Ketupatnya a.l. With a little turmeric, a hearty flavor. Can be found at many sites on the same types of food. Many vendors also have roasted corn (tunu bataar) and boiled corn on the side of the road.

And in fact, East Timor has a wealth of different partially cooking, especially from crosses with the culture of the Portuguese cuisine. One of the most popular is the variety of cuisine calderada (not from the word Caldera = pot). Calderada de Peixe (fish soup), for example, like the famous bouillabaisse in France or in Italy chioppino. Another version is bacalhoada when the user Bacalhau cod fish or dried. Daily food calderada de Galinha aka Chicken Curry. Cusid├│ other local cuisine (beef) and asado (pork).

Various food vendors "over" run irrigation is still a lot of attention in Dili, as men Meatball cakes Malang city, and some stands Javanese and Makassar.

Portuguese cuisine survival is still strong in Dili. One of the airline is the Vasco da Gama restaurant - the largest in Dili (Rua Governador Serpa Cesar Maria 29, Motael, 670 7231803). An authentic Portuguese meal, such as: Gazpacho Andalusia (vegetable soup cold from the interior of the mixer) (cooked casserole of cod with tomatoes, onions and wheat), Bacalhau (a) Carmelita or Lula recheadas (calamari stuffed with mashed sweet potato), and so on the other.

Expensive prices in Vasco da Gama. Without alcohol, a person can spend between 20-30 dollars per meal. Other restaurants like the Green House, he deserves the same.

Representative of the international food in Dili of India (Trivandrum base), Thai (Sawasdee), Japan (June, wasabi) and international (Keca name, Cafe Brazil) and others. No Kentucky, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, but there are burgers and pizza Eastern Chai is not bad. There are also many restaurants that offer Chinese cuisine.

One of the grilled fish is the famous restaurant METI Restaurante Austrian Vitoria in the eastern region of the city. In this area, and there is also an increasingly popular new restaurant, The Atlantic Bar and Grill.

Telecommunications and Internet

Timor Telecom is a monopoly of telecommunications in East Timor. Timor Telecom cards are sold. Since the escape from the border of the TL to water, and Telkomsel signs disappear. Internet connection - including Wi-Fi - there are many facilities but very slowly.

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