Saturday, March 26, 2011

Travel Tips - Reduce Stress And Enjoy When You Trave

"He who would go, fortunately, is to travel light."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

French writer (1900 - 1944)

What does this quote mean to you? In my opinion, there are several meanings, so let me give you some suggestions and see if you agree.

* Create a spreadsheet or graph paper to a list of items you plan to go to your trip. When you complete each item, so check it knowing nothing will be forgotten. This creates a sense of control, knowing that you have everything you need. You feel less stress as well. Keep a master list serves as a model for future trips to make some adjustments to each trip. When you travel, keep this list with you to ensure that you re-pack your own, so nothing is left behind. The list is very convenient for lost luggage.

* Pack the idea of ​​combining clothing. Using the same clothes, a few changes, and take all the toiletries bag ready in an instant, it is easier to remember the important things. There are many ways to use the master list.

* Remember to have fun. Airline travel can be fun, but if you want your trip to be stress free, you must prepare. One of the tips I've used for years is calculated backward, the first to know when the percentage of air travel time from the airport, anticipating the potential traffic issues, more time to get through security checks are now beginning to leave the airport. Arriving at the airport without any source term stress can be avoided if you arrive early.

* Add time if you check in a bag for a flight. Remember that not everyone is a carry-on luggage, so be prepared to wait in line or not Sky Cap. If the flight is very popular, even 45 minutes before departure time may not have enough time to check luggage check in at least 90 minutes before your scheduled flight is probably the best advice to follow or be the very stress and anxiety wondering if you make your flight.

* Check rates for the storage of the airline in advance will eliminate surprises when you check your bag overweight. The carry-on baggage is limited to two bags that fit on the seat or trunk. At the same time, my research found that most airlines charge $ 15 a bag checked and $ 40 or more than two bags. Size of the bag is also limited to a maximum of 62-115 cm and weight is usually only fifty pounds. Pay overweight or oversized luggage can be as much or more than 125 U.S. dollars per bag. international baggage fees may vary depending on the destination.

* Keep a diary. This may be one of the most exciting things. To write what he did, and when you left, will help keep the memories and life experiences, but also help to relieve stress. In his diary, describing the sites and places you've visited, people I met, to describe the feelings I felt this place. Get small memories of each experience, a napkin in a restaurant, a receipt from a souvenir shop, hold the bus or subway ticket. This will keep the magic of his journey of life.

Cheryl Hight, the mother of eight, with a passion to teach others how to create good memories of long trips.

Cheryl shares her wisdom through items in Travel & Leisure. His particular passion is to help others to enjoy travel with less stress, displacement with champagne tastes with a beer budget to discover the many facets of travel.

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