Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Annecy Antibes And City Guide

Antibes is situated between Nice and Cannes, a small town. It is separated from mainland Bay of Nice. It is on the sand of several beaches, unusual architecture, museums, monuments, shops and a lively nightlife. Tourists are interested in this small country on a wide range of attractions it offers.

The best beach is located in Antibes Juan-les-Pins. The main attractions are the beaches of Antibes Cape Town, the port, old town, the Picasso Museum, Jazz Festival and the coveted market. Antibes is famous for its night will attract birds at night by the number. You can come here and dance all night in one of the many trendy nightclubs. Antibes is full of a wide range of cafés, piano bars, theaters, private clubs and restaurants to choose from.

Another city famous for its tourist attractions are Annecy in the northern French Alps. He is awarded the title of Venice Savoy, as it is dissected by small canals and streams of Lake Annecy, which is a clean, fresh water lake with a beautiful azure color. It is a popular day trip from Geneva, near the major international airport.

Annecy offers lakes where you can swim, row or sail. E 'surrounded by mountains and the city where you can make cycling around the lake. Gliding on the lake is also possible to Col de la Forclaz. If you are looking for shopping, you can protect the many shops lining slivery stone-paved alleys. You can also enjoy movies in a theater near the mall.

Many festivals are celebrated in this city of Annecy. A town festival is in April, which is a wonderful place to bring the whole family. Annecy Animation Festival in June. The lake is also famous Festival held in Annecy in August, which attracts tourists in hordes.

Both of these fascinating city is famous for its excellent connections with Eurostar, which offers a journey much more comfortable, clean, precise, fast and inexpensive as the cheapest. You can take the Eurostar Eurostar Annecy Antibes and from any destination in the United Kingdom and even to travel to Paris. Have to change trains from Paris and take the TGV ANTIBES, or Annecy. It takes about 8.5 hours to travel from London to Antibes. You can get deals in economic Eurostar train tickets online from the official book site on the Eurostar.

Do not waste time planning your next vacation. Go online and book a ticket at low cost and accessible to a beautiful small city and Eurostar Annecy Antibes.

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