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Bali Essential And Complete Travel Checklist

Essential travel to Bali and a complete list

Passports, visas and tickets

If you bring in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, Hong Kong, Macao, Brunei, Morocco and Peru, you will not need a visa to enter Bali.

All other passport is USD $ 25 on arrival (valid for 30 days and extendable), you pay for visas on arrival. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the effective date in Indonesia, and you have proof of passing forward (or receipt or tickets).

Leaving Bali, you have to pay departure tax of Rp 150,000 per person at the airport. You can pay in rupees, this is not the currency of the United States. Put the money aside and not use them in a shop!

Pro Tip: If you want to avoid the queues and baggage - to use the Bali VIP concierge service, airport pick-up experience. $ 50 USD will take you to the arrival gate, to handle all the material seen and put your luggage through immigration - all while you are waiting at the bar and snacks.

Travel Insurance

Insurance when traveling anywhere is a must. In particular, as somewhere in Bali, where they are likely to do outdoor activities, scooter and get to ride the surf. Do not want to be stuck without insurance. We recommend a reputable insurance company such as Zuji, a charge of Allianz.


Do not even Indonesia is very strict drug laws, and even the death penalty for drug trafficking. There are plainclothes police who patrol the streets looking for suppliers and users. Basically, do not even try - or you'll end up like Schapelle Corby or the Bali 9.

Credit Cards

Bring em but beware, it is always good to have a credit card with you when you travel, especially for unexpected expenses. Remember to notify your credit card company that you're traveling, and give them your contact information abroad - or may cancel or suspend your cards under suspicion of fraud. When you use credit cards in Bali, make sure its only legitimate leader of credit card machines - be wary of entities skimmed and steal your card information. Avoid sites that use the old manual type copy units - any decent place must have an electronic device. Rule of thumb: If you are unsure, just use cash.

Stay healthy and avoid "Bali Belly"

Indonesia is a developing country, and is not the same level of service standards of health and sanitation, which are used in developed countries. It is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis, typhoid and influenza. It is best to contact your local doctor about vaccinations. Water in Bali is not recommended for drinking, so to avoid the infamous "Bali Belly" closed bottled water. If you want to be very careful, use bottled water for brushing teeth. Avoid ice in drinks and small food stands warungs (restaurant). But their corner shop or a bar should be fine.

Alcohol and Beverage

Alcohol can be very expensive other than the local Bintang beer (similar to and owned by Heineken), a good and delicious fresh dirt, and cause terrible hangover Arak, alcohol is much more expensive than in Bali. This is presumably due to the tax "moral", organized by the Indonesian government. Eg A bottle of Smirnoff Vodka could cost 500,000 rp (approx USD $ 55). So it's a popular choice to bring your tax-free alcohol. Indonesian law, up to 1 liter per person, which is not much. If you decide to bring more and get caught you will have to give up or pay for, * ahem *, "end" and not rp rp 20000100000 and you can keep the alcohol.


The best way to get around in Bali, if you're not a great guide / help with your car is a taxi driver and the car + services. Taxi is cheap (ie, metered taxi is 45 minutes less than U.S. $ 7), see bottom of this post Taxi company. Make sure the taxi will be measured and 5000 rp. You can also get a car service driver + by about USD $ 35 days full - it would be appropriate to tip the driver at the end of the day.

Cell phones and Wi-Fi

Your own phone will probably be able to roam on global networks in Indonesia, but can be very expensive to make and receive calls. The best thing to do is buy a local prepaid SIM card (such as sympathy or 3) and pop it into the phone - then you will benefit from low local rates. iPhone and Blackberry to work, but you have to buy a SIM card which contains data on the Internet. It easier to comply with the free wifi available in cafes and bars.

Electrical Outlets

In Indonesia, use 220 V, 50 cycles and the double round-pin plugs are the European variety. Adapters are available in some hotels or can be purchased at Matahari (supermarket) of about 35,000 rupees

Tipping is Good Karma

Tipping is sometimes a service charge stuck in your restaurant bill. It is not mandatory, but it's nice to tip hotel porters, masseurs, maids and other staff during your stay. It need not be much - but make sure it is supported, and would be greatly appreciated by staff who only earn the equivalent of a few dollars a day.

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