Friday, April 1, 2011

Standby to see Super Moon

Tonight, the moon closer to Earth than it was 18 years

At the end of this week, up over the horizon of a new word in English. It 'was a full moon night called "Super Moon" because it would mainly be the land from the past 18 years, receives about 30,000 miles closer than usual. If we have clear skies, and this is probably the case, the moon, the specific expectations - perhaps some people, even awe.

He predicted that the mine is called "Super Moon", the revenue hit a state of chaos on earth, like the earthquake in New Zealand and Japan as evidence. Convergence at the end of this week, means that its forces to improve the normal gravity tides are, we can expect an increase in two days. The oceans are not the only thing that is the approach that the moon, the cortex is not fixed, but expands and contracts to a limited extent, in response to the gravity of the Moon is known as "earth tides", known to be a small increase in the Earth's crust and changes can be expected.

Those who plan to watch the position of the moon rises over the horizon, 6:15 to 6:45, depending on location, and when the moon appears larger, because the "Moon Illusion" is unknown. (This is often due to the fact that the horizon near the moon to the things that we can compare, which makes them look very big, but if the pregnancy had been approved separately so that it reads the brain because they are smaller.) Notwithstanding fact that the moon is closer than ever, it seems more an illusion, to ensure proper growth dramatic.

Size of the moon when it rises not the only thing that is wrong. If scientists do not discover any data supporting a causal relationship between wealth and proximity to the moon, and geothermal or tectonic activity, money is in the light of these requirements at least a clear indication of the handle on the Moon is always the human spirit. When the moon with this collective imagination of gravity movement begins?

Lunar gods characteristic of many religions of the world first recorded. At a subconscious level, and the cycle of the moon as a time of onset of breeding activities of many types of organizations. Spawning raised coral reefs of the full moon, the fish float to the surface to produce light and called the new results suggest that the presence of a link between women's fertility and the cycle of the moon, not folklore only, after all. But it is the light of the moon, especially the artist throws down the centuries is fascinating, and the light that is increasingly in this country is limited by the pervasiveness and lighting for 24 hours.

Before joining the brightness, and people are susceptible to an infinite progression, as is happening today, which slips into the night. Will be held on full moon nights, and the transition even more dramatic. They have tried a number of important personalities of the artists on British soil, to evoke.

"Ideas on the moon with the frenzy of paranoia twilight orange light on the landscape. I saw that in Shoreham," and says painter Samuel Palmer in 1860, describes the landscape he loved. His memory was closer, and still painting in the seventies, those in prison as a nurse and see the shadows of the branches of the moon on the wall of moving parts.

But Palmer and his Whistler inspires contemplation of nature, even in the heart of the City of London by smoking, by the river crossing fascinating. One night, got into his studio drawing the Moon River. He went to work, take the first of a series of paintings he called Nocturnes, tombs, and semi-abstract studies of shimmering luminescence responsible.

If the "Times" Whistler's painting to date, the results can be very different. Our cities and set fire to some extent, denies the moonlight its borders, and broke the orange glow on the streets to meet today's landscape, and the flight of many of us and conclude the night sky . Google Earth from space at night, showing large areas of the world as a light circuit with the oceans and deserts in the dark. Bringing a little bit closer, but also an island rich as ours, there are still places to go where the moonlight is not diluted enjoy.

And is famous for Kielder Water in Northumbria in the darkest England, home of the observatory. You have a private visit to be there on the moon in February this year than in a snowstorm, arriving from heaven destroyed. Undeterred, I went for a walk in the woods. While the group itself was not visible, and I was easily able to follow the path between the pines.

On Saturday, the lights will run on most streets and public buildings drags for "Earth Hour" to draw attention to environmental issues. And "Super Moon", will face this time on the road to extinction, but we can assess whether the stars have learned

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