Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kuta, Bali Travel Guide

Kuta is the most popular tourist destination of Bali, with thousands of tourists flock each year to enjoy the white sandy beach, big waves, endless shopping opportunities and hundreds of bars and clubs so you can dance at night. There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Kuta. If you are planning a trip to Bali in the near future, you can find some of these helpful tips destination Kuta.

First, you need to live somewhere. There is a wide range of housing options in Kuta, backpacker bungalows ranging from budget to 5 star luxury hotels. If you're on a budget, most clusters of cheaper accommodation around Poppies I and II, which start from around Rp 70,000 per night. It's a good idea to check the room before you pay to see exactly what you get and remember that haggling is expected.

For the comfort standard that many bungalows and cottages midrange and many world class hotels, some large stations on the outskirts of Kuta. You can also rent a private villa that can be a good choice for couples or families.

There are hundreds of shops in Kuta sells the usual tourist suit - sarongs, beach dresses, jewelry and t-shirts. There are also plenty of surf shops with boards and gear Quicksilver, Billabong and similar to prices much lower than in other countries. There is also a Discovery Beach mall with many brand stores in Western and cafes.

There are bars and clubs in Kuta allright so no chance of a quiet night. The cocktails are made of 'arrack' - a local spirit are very popular, and the party starts every night, always busy around the middle of the night and morning. It 'also much more laid back bars and lounges, sophisticated experience.

Some of the most popular clubs in Kuta include The Bounty (Part of the Bounty Hotel Bali) Mbargo Club and Paddy's. Most visitors seem to Kuta to party hard every night and sleep, or surf on the beach the next day. There are also many beautiful beaches nearby, such as Dreamland Bali, if you're tired of Kuta.

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