Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Windermere Accommodations That You Should Know

Windermere is a small town in Cumbria, England. It is about a kilometer away from the lake that has the same name. It has fused with the older town of Bowness-on-Windermere, but they still have separate town centers. Even though it was merely a tiny rural community before, it has become among the popular tourist destinations in the region that is visited all-year round.

It offers several spots like museums, but the main attraction is the lake of Windermere, which is about 20 minutes away by foot from the top of the town. From the shore of the lake, you can see a scenic view of the surrounding mountains. You may also ride boats that sail from the piers of Bowness to the town of Lakeside and Ambleside. So if you are looking for a good vacation spot that offers both beautiful scenery and a myriad of fun activities, then you should consider going to Windermere. As soon as you find the perfect place to stay in the said town, then you may begin your adventure.

When it comes to accommodation, you will discover that there is at least one establishment that caters to your personal needs, especially your budget. There are luxury hotels in Windermere that have the same top-notch facilities that are found in hotels in major cities around the world. But if your budget is limited, you may stay in a place that’s a bit easier on the pocket such as privately maintained hostels and guest houses.

You may ask travel agencies for information regarding accommodations in Windermere. But if you want to save more, the best place to look is online since transactions done over the Internet are usually given price cuts. You may surf the Internet and search for websites that offer group packages and discounted rates. Moreover, most hotels and guest houses maintain their own sites where you can see their rooms, other amenities, services, and rates.

Some websites allow you to check the availability of their rooms depending on the date that you pick. Make sure that you check out a lot of hotel websites and compare what they have to offer so that you’ll be assured that you’ll match your chosen hotel with your particular preferences and budget constraints. Also, you may check their contacts page and get in touch with them through email or whatever is more convenient for you if you have more questions.

Another way of looking for the best places to stay in Windermere is by contacting its local tourist information office. Windermere’s tourist information center will provide you with information not only regarding accommodations but also about activities, transportation, places of interest, and events and entertainment.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Madrid - Spain

Hannah Rollmaker

Madrid is a place with a lot of natural beauty, rich in history, and has a beautiful environment it is also the capital city of Spain. Madrid is considered as the largest city of Spain, according to European Union statistics it is the third most populated city in Europe. Although Madrid is important because it is the capital of the country to Spanish people “Madrid” is also very important because apart from being the capital, Madrid is considered as the political centre of the country.

The city of Madrid is enriched with green trees which cover most of the area of Madrid. These trees are like everywhere, in houses, on roads, and in parks, and these natural phenomena makes the environment of Madrid very pleasant and healthy.

Geographically Madrid’s total covered area is approximately (234 sq mile) and this total area of Madrid is home to about 6 million. The people living in Madrid know the importance of their city as the city is enriched with natural beauty and landmarks of the history. Modern “Madrid” is designed and established in such a way that the things look new but on the other hand all Madrid’s constructions have a touch of their history inside them.

The climatic conditions that Madrid experiences are much cooler winters and much warmer summers as in summers the temperature can easily surpass even 40 degrees and in winters can also fall below 0 degrees. Rainfalls are not usually a part of summers or winters, instead Madrid mostly receives rainfalls in spring and autumn seasons.

Due to the history Madrid possesses, it is rich in architectures. Out of these architectures “The Royal Palace of Madrid” is the place which is mostly the destination for tourists. This Royal Palace of Madrid is the official residence of the King of the Country.

According to latest statistics Madrid has become the world’s 23rd richest city regarding the Gross Domestic Product, and is considered as the 3rd richest in all of Europe.

As the city itself has a lot of history, so when one focuses on the museums and historical places then the first name one will consider would be Madrid. The most popular destination for tourists in Madrid today is “The Golden Triangle of Art”. Which are basically three museums combined and named as the golden triangle of art.

In the educational sector, Madrid has many universities which are producing quality students, working for different organizations all around the world.

If we talk about sports then the first name comes in mind about Madrid is “Bull Fighting”. Madrid has the biggest bull ring which hosts the season of bull fighting which starts in March and ends in October.

Secondly Madrid has the honor of having the world’s biggest and largest football club named as “Real Madrid”. The home ground of Real Madrid is located in the Chamartín region of Madrid having a capacity of over 80,000 people.

Madrid’s other football team is known as “Atletico Madrid”, the home ground of the club is named as Vicente Calderon. Both clubs rivalries are highly anticipated all around Madrid.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Beautiful, Amazing Must-see Place in Thailand

Among the many places in Thailand, Chiangmai comes well recommended, and for very good reasons. Travelers point to the many amazing sights and things to do in this laidback city situated in the Himalayan foothills. For visitors exploring Thailand, Chiangmai never ceases to amaze. Small wonder luxury hotels (like Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai) near this destination are frequented by travelers who want to be near where the popular sights and activities are. With Buddhist temples and other historic sites to the majestic mountains, the handicrafts, the shopping finds, people, the food and bustling night life, Chiangmai offers no dull moment for the curious and adventuresome traveler.

While in Thailand, Chiangmai is the kind of place that will strike you as serene because most of the people are not rushing about as they do in other key cities around the world. It may as well be referred to as a pastoral paradise, the kind you are likely to read about in books. Imagine getting all cozy in a nice, well-appointed villa that looks out to hushed paddy-fields and lush hills and mountains beyond them. It’s a perfect place to commune with nature and feel close to God.
Actually, for people who visit Northern Thailand, Chiangmai offers respite as a spiritual haven. Pilgrims visit one of the most revered temples of the Thais - the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. It is actually an awe-inspiring 14th century Buddhist architectural showcase. The temple was erected in 1386 by King Keuna the Great. Legend has it that the temple’s site was chosen when an elephant carrying half of a holy relic ascended the mountains after several days and circled the temple spot before kneeling down and dying. A visit to Thailand, Chiangmai particularly, will not be complete without seeing the sacred temple.

There are other lovely temples in Chiangmai. You can explore the oldest to the noblest ones, including the Wat Suan Dok, which holds the ashes of Chiang Mai’s former Royal Family members. In another chapel lies one of Thailand’s largest icons in metal - a 500-year old bronze Buddha. You may also want to visit the temple compound where the divine Lai Kham chapel, with its remarkable murals and woodcarvings, is situated,

For a dose of history, there is another must-see while exploring Thailand. Chiang Mai National Museum will fascinate you no end with its collection of Lanna Thai artworks, ancient, war weaponry, and antique Buddha images.

Shopaholics are also bound to have a heyday at Thailand’s night bazaars. For those who would rather watch artisans at work in the villages, a number of cottage industries and handicrafts ranging from parasols, silk weaving, jewelry, woodcarving, silverware, and lacquerware, to name a few, may suit you fine.

Are you raring for an anthropological adventure? Try a river cruise that travels down The Chang pier. This is where elephants used to haul logs from the river in the old days. The pier derived its name from the king's elephants, which used to bathe on that site. You will see some of Thailand’s firsts - first bridge, first post office, and other interesting sites and get a whiff of the including lifestyles of the locals who dwelled on opposite sides of the river, plus some historic spots along the riverbanks. All these you can enjoy at a leisurely pace. Check out online travel resources for Thailand and you are bound to have a fantastic experience you will be able to delightfully recount to your family and friends.