Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beauty Jatijajajar Cave in Kebumen Indonesia

From a number of attractions in Kebumen, Goa Jatijajar still be excellent. Tourism object is located 21 km southwest of the District Gombong visitors visited every year.

Visitors who came were very diverse, do not always come from the community around Kebumen. They are also coming from big cities in Indonesia, whose aim would like to know the charm of nature in the bowels of the earth.

Privilege, not a few of the attractions offered Jatijajar Cave. Inside the cave there is an underground river which are still active. There are also two spring, the magnolia and Spring Rose Spring. In two spring that can be approached visitors were still trusted, who would wash his face with spring water can stay young.

The flow of water from the Spring Rose through a narrow hole through me out of the cave. Basically, magnolia Sendang encountered narrow elongated holes, so it must pass through a cave dive.

There are still two more spring, ie Jombor and Puserbumi. Both the spring is sacred. Only with the permission of the manager, was allowed to go through the cave tunnel. Certain people who have the desire, to place offerings in the spring that is said will be granted his prayer.

Problem Jatijajar Goa origin who did not know exactly. But the story said, Jatijajar Cave was first discovered a peasant village called Djajamenawi in the year 1802. The man accidentally fell into the cave. After the soil covering the hall is cleaned by the residents, found a hole into the cave.

From the story of the population, there are two versions about the origins of the Cave Jatijajar. First, after Djajamenawi found the cave, it soon became Regent Ambal, one of the rulers Kebumen that time, reviewing the location.

We went to the cave, he met two teak trees grow side by side and parallel to the edge of the mouth of the cave. From the story and found the term Jatijajar, from the word identity parallel.

Since 1974, Kebumen and the provincial government of Central Java (Central Java) started dealing with the cave as a tourist attraction. A year later, along the corridor cave placed 32 sculptures depicting the legend of Raden Kamandaka. The legend is very famous in the region Banyumas.

From this version, when Kamandaka Silihwarni chased from the cave he identified himself. He has admitted as crown prince Pajajaran. From the story it appears the word sejatine (actual) and Pejajaran. Cave Name Last Jatijajar famous until now

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