Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jogja City Tour in Indonesia

Fortress Vredeburg
Attacks behind the monument of General March 1 there is an ancient fortress called the Citadel Vredeburg. This fortress built by the Dutch colonizers deliberately to secure his rule by a governor of the Dutch East Indies who reside in the Governorate Building (Great House now). In this castle of a cannon mounted, directed to the sultan's palace, just in case, who knows Sultanate which have their own soldiers while he was still time to give resistance, rebelling against the Netherlands, such concerns did in the year 1949 really happened, because in the Yogyakarta palace we gather all the guerrillas, but the cannon did not speak anything right. This fort is one of the historical evidence of the past. Therefore, now maintained as a historic landmark. But because the building houses a large intangible, then after the renovated into a museum that contains a diorama of the struggle of the Indonesian nation.

Jalan Malioboro
Malioboro is the first and main shopping center in Yogyakarta today. Since the beginning of its existence in the late 19th century, has never receded Malioboro development. Worst economic conditions in the country, never make a trade in Malioboro be retroactive. Bankruptcy experienced by the trafficker is caused more by the defeat in the competition with new entrants who are creative and aggressive.

Year 1992 opened Malioboro Mall shopping center in the middle of Malioboro. Although invited pros and cons in the beginning, the first mall in Yogyakarta was now become one of the favorite shopping place in Malioboro. Several years later, a large shop that has been long enough known in Malioboro, Store Winners, develop themselves into gang Mall.

Malioboro is no longer just a shopping center but also the most expensive five-foot center in Yogyakarta. Rent a plot of land five feet on average only one square meter area has reached more than 20 million rupiah per year.
Matter what is traded, it is difficult to mention how many thousands of products sold in Malioboro. Equally difficult to say what was not sold on this place.

Kotagede represents a district that is located less than 5 Kilometers southeast of the central city of Yogyakarta. Kotagede famous for its silver handicrafts. Various jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, accessories made from silver material can be obtained here. Besides shopping for silver, you can also enjoy typical snacks like Yangko Kotagede, Kipo, etc. that can be used as souvenirs. In Kotagede there is also the last resting place of the kings of Mataram job.

Jogja Kembali Monument
Monument Yogya Back was founded to commemorate the functioning again Yogyakarta as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, July 6, 1949. 31-meter-high building symbolizes the heavenly mountains located on an imaginary straight line between the royal palace in the south and Mount Merapi in the north. This monument has three floors. The first floor consists of a museum, a library, an auditorium, and cafeteria. The second floor consists of 10 dioramas depicting the struggle of the people of Yogyakarta to retake the capital from the Dutch colonialists who controlled Yogyakarta since December 1948 until July 1949.
At the top of the building, painted 40 reliefs that tell the history of the struggle of the Indonesian nation to achieve independence from the event until August 17, 1945 proclamation of the International recognition of the status of Indonesia on December 27, 1949.

Museum Affandi
According to its name, this museum collects paintings by the late painter Affandi one of Yogyakarta which has worldwide. Located on the riverbank exactly on Jl Gajah Wong. Adi Sucipto 167,, the museum is opened every day at 9:00 to 1:00 p.m. GMT.

Air and Space Museum
Air and Space Museum is a museum as a place to capture the remaining strength of Indonesian
Air Force. There are various types of aircraft and weapons used by the Air Force in the struggle. Location Air and Space Museum located in the complex Lanud Adi Sucipto 7 km east of Yogya, open daily from Sunday to Thursday at 8:00 to 13:00 am and 08:00 to 12:00 o'clock on Friday.

Tamansari is a royal park or the Sultan of Yogyakarta and family inns. Location stopped only about a half mile south of the Kraton Yogyakarta. Tamansari not just a royal park. This is a complex of buildings where there is a swimming baths, water canals and the room a special room, and a large pond. Architecture was derived from the Portuguese made an art of European architecture can be perceived, in addition to the symbolic meanings of Java will be retained. But if we observe the meaning of Java building more dominant element here. Tamansari built during Sultan Hamengkubuwono I or XVII century AD.

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