Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday tips for my mother without feeling guilty

Warming the wedding back,, you can do this with a holiday together and alone. But fathers and mothers in particular, Often feel guilty if you store a vacation without children.

Such as leave without a guilty conscience? Consider the Following tips to keep your holiday pleasure:

Prepare children
leave to mothers in general with the children to leave for fear the child They Becomes restless or Fussy. Family counselor Doug Emid suggested the fear of reducing That and prepare your child before the holidays.

to hide for children from two years ago, in an attempt to play and mouse. These children learn games cans Pls They stick together is not always the mother or the father. They understand the importance of the game.

While children from preschool, my mom and dad cans play with toys at home or another home. During the game, Pls tell the child his father and mother for Some time and the grandmother (or whatever) come, They will of be going to.

"Tell Them not as a father and child and the mother to let down, but now That They have to leave the only large, mothers and fathers was a half day or day of all. When was the Largest, and the father and the mother cans go for a longer period, "advises Emid.

Allow your child to start training. Try to go for A Few hours with a partner and let your child at home with people you trust. If the first experiment, and the children do not like it Pls he left, it means That you leave in peace. But if the first attempt fails and the preservation of the child to exercise Until you feel comfortable with someone you trust to care for.

Care of the child is ready
In planning a vacation, you Should Be Prepared not only for the child. Whether it is Also Necessary to Provide, in Kindergarten grandmother, aunt or a nanny before you leave. Ask Them to come, a week or five days before your holiday. Also preparation and other forms of care, care of just in case somebody to someone you trust for sick children Suddenly knows.

Many Things need the care of the child be Notified Marshall before your holiday. For example, the existing problem of food for the children. Enter any menus and recipes for Them. Also You can prepare a meal and the Semi-Finals and then frozen in the refrigerator.

Do not forget you more money to give to someone you trust to keep the children. You can use this money for emergencies or other issues are Used.

Mothers Should Also leave a special note for the care of children. This entry cans be any species, for example:

1. Should be given doses of the drug if the child was sick.
2. Dipunya sensitivity of children (if any).
3. Mobile pediatrician.
4. Phone numbers of family or close friends.
5. Plan your trip During the holiday season.

Ready to go
Children and carers of children at the time, is ready to leave. But there are still Things That need to be taken into account. One of Them, whether the child is ill, Suddenly, two days before departure? Aware of this, you need to know more about the cancellation of the holiday. If you have a travel service, use, and asked about the possibility of cancellation and is still Able to forward to another day.

First Came before the deadline May Also occur. If That Happens, and find out how much it costs and how to stay in the home again.

If the above two Things Do not Happen bersiaplan the full enjoyment of a holiday. Happy Holidays!

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