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Adventure Tours nuance on Mount Rinjani in Indonesia

Mount Rinjani trail adventurers in North Lombok island Lombok. This place can be reached by a variety of vehicles either by public transportation or private vehicle, if you want to climb Mount Rinjani to reach the lake will take approximately 3 days - 2 nights, if you do not have enough time and want to see up close the beauty of Lake Segara Anak , the alternative route in the North Central Lombok malalui exactly Aiq Berik, from here you simply need it only takes about two days - one night to reach the lake and in this place you will also see a lot of variety of flora and fauna like black monkeys, orchids that grow along the forest way to the lake, this route is not much known, but the beautiful views will be seen when you stop at one called the Pelawangan Pelawangan Ngoh, clearly visible from here, Mataram, Sumbawa Island and Kuta Beach from a distance.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bunaken National Marine Park, Indonesia is a very good Place

Bunaken between Sulawesi, Indonesia, North Iceland is an area of 8.08 km ² island. Island of Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia is part of the capital. Ready (to ship the boat) or Bunaken, rent a boat and went to visit more than 30 minutes from the port city of Manado. Marine Park Islands National Park is part of the regular beach. And marine biodiversity and marine parks in the world of them has the highest rate. Scuba diving attracts many tourists the island. It is five clock in the Bunaken Marine Park on the island, the beach, "Siladen common on the island, Manado, Island, Iceland Mantehage next, and nine children on the island for about 265 hectares, an area of 75 islands island. Diving (dive site) to 75 265 hectares, include the island in each of the five beaches is limited.

Beach Marine Park, 20 (Dive Dive), each from 1344 m depth. 20 points, 12 points center on the island, including diving and diving. 12 points, while diving, visited by lovers of beauty and diversity of the scene and more often.

For more than 12 points in the north of the islands of the South Island Daibingubuna line from east to west. The area also has large wall of water below the surface, a large stone wall, the Standing on the wall, vertically or curved upward. Rock wall of water on the island are Bunaken.Indriyani أبريل Lachman 2010 01:00 42 27 (00 minutes) tour of a food source for fish

Hall, scuba diving and dive sites are:

Between P.: 1,2,3, almost killed, Fakui, TG required. Parijipointoron, Pangalisang, Furontokanpon Bunachimoru and Sachiko included.
P. Manado, only directly SAEFL Pangalingan and TG. Coffee
P. Mantehage: Pango and Tangkasi
P. Nunn: Ishibune water line.
P.: Siladen 2 Siladen a

Mainland: Sulawesi is TG. Molas and Pisok
Glass substrate (catamaran) points in pleasure boats in the water. Mainland Manado (± Metoruauto visitors guide track 800) from the summit of the mountain and coastal tourism.

How To Use Site:

Access and Tennessee. The visitors are easier in the top. P Manado, Manado, only "about 20 minutes by boat harbor area motor Iceland Siladen P, or approximately 30 minutes or 45 minutes Mantehage between the PP only reach about 1 hour 50 minutes, P Nunn.'s Site of the mainland city of Manado, Open Marsh, 30 (Tennessee between the mainland. North) minutes and 1.5 hours (Teling Tennessee southern mainland. Center) and needs to satisfy.

to enjoy for diving, Tennessee about the possibility of the use of existing services. Center are:

Barakudadaibingurizoto, Jl a. And "Raya II, Manado Dusun Swamp
Nusantaradaibingusenta, Jl a. And "Raya II, Manado Dusun Swamp
Tirta Satwa, Jl a. Lingk Malalayang. Manado 2004
Manado, Garden, Jl Sea Adventure. Malalayang II, Manado

Possible areas:

Manado is the mountain area is no longer active G-Bus (400 m). Diversity CONTUR Land Based / is usually the U-boat rescue exists. Various land-based, but not in dangerous areas.
Between the National Park, Manado, only 3000-2000 mm, a range of weather, including tropical rain go year to 310-260 C temperature and August for the best time by five months.

World's most beautiful marine parks and marine national park rare species only Manadobunaken manatees, dugong, dugong, dolphins, fish in the aquarium as seprti NO hippocampus, clams, and the bill, green sea turtles. Plateau a black (black is the monkey Macaca fascicularis).

National Park, sea grass is a variety of habitats and coral reefs and mangrove forests, marine ecosystems are composed of Bunaken.
Pocilopora rock questions, Q Seriaattopora, questions Pachyseris, Q Hama question mushrooms, Q Herpolitha, questions Holomitra, Q Galaxea, questions pectin, Q Lobophyllia, Echinopora Tubastrea Yone Yone's

The activities are planned:

O sea, recreation, tourism, among other things, diving, sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming beach.
O studies.


Offices, police stations, hotels and towers / carers, motorboats and diving equipment.

For more information:

Nature trips was not available.

• Bio-capacity
• Social, economic efficiency
• Between the National Park Management
How to reach between the National Park?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Train Departure Schedule Jogja

Yogyakarta - Solobalapan:

Additional Services:
(Evening) Snack heavy + hot drinks, pillows, blankets;
(Noon) warm drinks, lunch, pillow

Depart 14:53 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 15:46 (Solobalapan)

Yogyakarta - Solobalapan:

Additional Services:
(Evening) Snack heavy + hot drinks, pillows, blankets;
(Noon) warm drinks, lunch, pillow

Depart 02:53 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 03:46 (Solobalapan)

Argo Wilis
Gubeng Surabaya - Yogyakarta and including Executive Rp. 110 000
Tariff Yogyakarta - Bandung: Executive - Rp. 155 000

Depart 11:31 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 17:54 (Bandung)
Depart 13:22 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 17:57 (Surabaya Gubeng)

Gubeng Surabaya - Yogyakarta and including Executive Rp. 110 000
Tariff Yogyakarta - Surabaya Gubeng: n / a

Additional Services:
Dinner, hot drinks, pillows & blankets

Depart 00:43 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 05:36 (Surabaya Gubeng)

Malang - Jakarta Executive

KA 35 --- Departure 22:05 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 06:18 (Jakartakota)
KA 36 --- Departure 01:25 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 08:02 (Malang)

SOUTH Jayabaya
Yogyakarta - Jakartakota: Business

Depart 20:30 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 04:59 (Jakartakota)
Depart 23:20 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 04:25 (Surabaya Gubeng)

Yogyakarta - Bandung: Executive

Depart 09:58 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 16:47 (Bandung)
Depart 21:14 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 04:19 (Bandung)
Depart 03:02 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 03:58 (Solobalapan)
Depart 14:22 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 15:18 (Solobalapan)

Bandung - Surabaya Gubeng: Business

Depart 21:26 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 04:46 (Bandung)
Depart 00:28 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 05:25 (Surabaya Gubeng)

Yogyakarta - Pasarsenen: Business

Depart 18:30 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 02:54 (Pasarsenen)

Yogyakarta - Gambier:

Additional Services:
(Noon) Drink warm, lunch, pillow
(Evening) Snack weight + mineral water, drinking warm, pillows, blankets

Depart 09:30 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 17:15 (Gambir)
Depart 20:00 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 03:36 (Gambir)

Yogyakarta - Pasarsenen: Executive

Depart 08:00 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 16:05 (Pasarsenen)

Bandung - Surabaya Gubeng: Executive

Depart 22:39 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 05:11 (Bandung)
Depart 01:11 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 05:58 (Surabaya Gubeng)

Yogyakarta - Surabaya Gubeng: Executive-Business

Depart 07:30 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 12:12 (Surabaya Gubeng)
Depart 16:00 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 20:55 (Surabaya Gubeng)

Solo - Pasarsenen: Executive

Depart 19:12 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 03:30 (Pasarsenen)
Depart 05:24 (Yogyakarta) Coming: 06:20 (Solobalapan)

Solojebres - Tanahabang: Economy
Depart 18:12 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 03:25 (Tanahabang)
Depart 05:17 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 06:47 (Solojebres)

Surabaya - Jakartakota: Economy

Depart 20:10 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 06:40 (Jakartakota)
Depart 22:31 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 03:42 (Surabaya Gubeng)

Kediri - Padalarang: Economy
Depart 20:38 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 06:36 (Padalarang)
Depart 03:30 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 08:28 (FC)

Jember - Purwokerto

Depart 14:57 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 18:20 (Navan)
Depart 10:30 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 20:28 (Jember)

Kiaracondong - Surabaya Gubeng: Economy

Depart 11:15 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 20:17 (Kiaracondong)
Depart 14:11 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 20:31 (Surabaya Gubeng)

Lempuyangan - Pasarsenen: Economy

Depart 17:00 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 02:03 (Pasarsenen)

Lempuyangan - Banyuwangi: Economy

Depart 07:45 (Lempuyangan) Coming: 20:42 (Banyuwangi)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

tips tourism if you visit in Papua in Indonesia

West Papua is a province of Indonesia, with the picturesque and the preservation of the condition yet. Papua province has an area of 410.000 km from the lowlands to 5500 meters above the summit. There are 25 major rivers, and thousands of small rivers with a total length of 5.180 kilometers, including in mining Merauke River Sarmi Memberamo River. There are many lakes, including Lake Sentani in Jayapura, Yamur Lake, Lake Lake flies and panic in panic and Nabire. Jayapura is one of the most eastern Indonesia. It lies north of the island of Papua, the return of a bird that directly overlooks the Pacific Ocean is. mountain town with much of the landscape is very beautiful. Rich in minerals, forests and a vast cultural richness.

Sentani Lake is the largest lake in Papua received the fountains of the river and groundwater wells 24 in the giant mountain with the river ports Tami. Getting around Lake Sentani tribe or race, Papua Melanesian ethnic group, Sentani Tanamerah (Demta), Sentani cultural and ethnic divisions Tabi. Sentani Lake is a natural lake with mountainous islands of the lake. Size of 3.63 hectares, the lake at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level. On this website there are quite a natural landscape with a few places in the form of huts in the fishing scene. Here is to find fresh fish.

One of the things that make people proud of Papua was incorporated in Biak. Biak itself is the westernmost island of Jayapura, here including the world's largest with a group of up to 5000m of track, much bigger than Changi or Narita. This song was written about the natural world better, because the rock layers that are used to the track is very strong. This was recorded for a major role in world history. Under the track by the Japanese army during the preparations for the invasion of Pearl Harbor in 1941. In the first Eisenhower did not believe that an attack on Pearl Harbor to be the distance traveled from Japan into the Pacific Ocean far away. But she was preparing for the Japanese base on the island to attack. But the problem for the people of Papua, not only stop here, 'Revenge' MacArthur was the worst. To know the secret place of the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor, MacArthur was to explore and teach the people of Papua to get drunk, for more information on the propagation of the job. Act of 'barbarians, because that culture in Papua and in the case of sugar, this culture that did not exist previously.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Beauty Gong Cave in East Java

When approached Gua Gong, which is visible on either side of the street is a karst hills are barren. Precisely because these ketandusannya, gives a different feel, because no one suspected in the karst mountains are stored a pearl of beauty is created through a stalactite and stalagmite for hundreds of years. Though barren, the journey to the Cave Gong through Wonosari really fun. The road is winding, up and down to make a fresh mind. But approaching the location of the cave, we've been through narrow streets, sometimes very sharp rise and fall sharply, so as if the streets like lost. For that we must be very careful especially if passed by a vehicle from the opposite direction.

Only take approximately forty-five minutes to get to the Cave of Wonosari Gong. The road was wide and smooth, just a few miles before the road narrows cave. When we got there the clock is still showing at 6:30 in the morning, the atmosphere is still quiet and cave gate was still closed. We are a time to stop at the kiosk located in front of the cave for a while while waiting for the opening of the cave entrance. The proprietor said, "if officers will open the cave at 07.00 in the morning."

The cave is located in Dusun Pule, Bomo Village, District Punung, Pacitan this is the most beautiful and deepest caves among the cluster of caves located in the vicinity. Because there are still some other cave that is located not far from Cave Gong, such as wasps and Cave Lady Cave. Because beauty is, the manager was seriously working on this tour very well. Although only one peak located incorrectly steep karst hills, the manager provides a nice location spacious car park, can accommodate approximately twenty vehicles. This was done to anticipate membludaknya visitors on holidays.

The uniformed guide who has also been prepared to accompany the guests. As we headed toward the stairs into the cave, Mr. Rubadi (40) is ready to accompany us during the trip in the cave. Before entering the cave, Mr. Rubadi tell you a little about the origins of the Cave Gong.

"Once upon time, Dusun Pule experienced a long drought, making it difficult to find drinking water and water for everyday purposes. So Mbah Mbah Joyo Noyo Semito and try to find the water into the cave which he considered too far from the house a population of about 400 meters. By using traditional lighting equipment such as torches (dried palm leaves tied together) to spend seven tie, both grandfathers are managed through the halls of the cave to find some of the spring and bathe in it. These events starting 65 years ago who counted backward from the year 1995.

On these findings, a subsequent search was done, precisely on Sunday Pon dated March 5, 1995, set out a number of groups numbering eight people to explore more about the existence of the cave. Long story short entourage finally succeeded through a cave that beauty can be felt to this day. "

Naming Gong cave itself closely related to one of the device name of Javanese gamelan. It is said that at certain moments, in which there is a mountain cave is often heard the sounds like a Javanese gamelan music, performances reog, flying an even often heard people crying that heartbreaking. Therefore, people around the cave called the Cave Gong.

Therefore, before entering the cave must be considered a cave entrance rules, including: speaking politely, mutual respect, walking through a path that has been determined, each group must be accompanied by a guide. Likewise for commercial filming is not allowed except for filming documentaries, rose to do the licensing process in advance.

After reading these rules, then we entered the cave with Rubadi pack. First entered the cave, we immediately enchanted by the color the walls of the cave that looks golden brown. Soon we heard a rumble, it was a big fan who deliberately placed on several sides of the cave to reduce the burning sensation in the cave, if the visitors exploded. Then we entered the first room, the room Spring Fairy. In this room there is a small spring with cold water and clean. Beside it is a space Angels, according to a story in which all subjects sometimes passing shadow of a beautiful woman.

Space is the space of three and four crystal and marble, which is stored indoors crystal and marble stones in the sides of the top and sides of the cave with a near-perfect quality. Entering the space of five, is a stunning bit of space. In this place ever made a musical concert by four countries, namely, Indonesia, Switzerland, UK and France within the framework of promoting the presence of Gong Cave is a room for six to mancanegara.Ruang hermitage and the last room is the stone seven gongs. Are stones which, when we hit the drum will sound like a gong.

Approximately one hour we were in the cave, even though the fan has been installed, there is still hot if you linger d in the cave. Indeed remarkable natural phenomenon that creates this cave, the cave contains nearly the entire contents of the meaning and legends and also looks impressive physically. Also, if you visit the Cave Gong, you can visit other attractions nearby. Namely: Princess Cave Cave wasp, Klayar Beach, Beach teleng Ria, Watu Beach and Reef Warm Water Pemandaian Arjosari.

Friday, February 11, 2011

What to watch out for when on holiday Alone

Holidays alone could provide a different experience than a holiday with family or friends. Many of the benefits that can be on the bus while on vacation alone.

You will only travel when on vacation. Explore where you want and store the desired result.

Besides all the benefits that can be obtained from a vacation alone, there are also shortcomings while on holiday alone. To minimize these shortcomings, consider the following tips.

Tell your goals
Before leaving on vacation, always tell someone where your destination or at least one message containing your vacation destination on that day in a hotel room. This is a step in case something happens, so you can not go back to the hotel.

Note Clothes People Around
Think of the clothing of the people in your area on vacation. Show body parts like arms or the other could have been prohibited in the area. You can also ask the people about the standards prevailing in the area, so as not to violate that standard.

Save important Number
Accidents can not be avoided, therefore it is very important to keep important numbers, such as the local police station numbers. If you are traveling abroad, make sure your Indonesian embassy in the countries visited.

Saving money
As a woman, especially a higher risk of crime. Sometimes in certain areas there are bad people who abuse these terms.

Therefore you must be smart to save your money. Do not put your money in the wallet. Individual coins with a nominal money is bigger. Put your money in different pockets for things that are not desirable to anticipate. If you are forced to save money in the bra, first in sterile plastic to prevent the risk of breast wrap.

Passport and tickets
Such as money, a passport is a valuable asset abroad. So even with the return ticket, lost tickets can be a nightmare for you. Keep these two items with extra caution.

Never leave valuables in your hotel room unless the room has a safe with a secret number that you can set. Although the hotel is very safe, but often for theft in a hotel room five star hotel though.

Better yet, you do not take valuables such as jewelry. After all, your vacation destination yet? Not going to a festival gala

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cost-saving tips for your holiday

Usually during the holidays, many costs. Considering the cost of travel, accommodation, to by-by are often higher than the original budget.

Maturation of preparing for a vacation, will determine the cost of which will come during the holidays. Plan your holiday from distant days to save costs.

If you have a service on vacation, book a ticket from a distant day very favorable. This is because a lot of transportation providers that price promo for more than two months after departure.

Better to travel at night. Usually the cost of travel is cheaper at night.

Avoid the weekend
When you leave or return from vacation. Rates trips on weekends are usually higher than rates on ordinary days.

To further cut costs, try for a vacation is not the "high season". The season usually occurs during the school holidays, religious holidays and New Year. Usually falls in June-July and November to December.

Accommodation Costs
Reserve the hotel by giving the sign is (deposit) from the distant days, the holiday cost cutting. Usually new room or villa accommodation increasing costs when demand began to rise, now approaching the day for holiday.

If you have family or friends on your holiday destination, then take advantage of their help by asking permission first. You can stay at home to cut costs on vacation. Moreover, the presence of family or friends, the much sightseeing recommendations.

Tour Package
If you're planning a vacation with family or friends, try to find a package, because it can cut travel costs, accommodation and living expenses while on vacation. Also, you need not bother to search for accommodation or looking for a place, because it is usually a package tour includes a walk to try to rides or games that are available there.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

3 benefits of holidays for your life

Holidays are not just for fun activities. A holiday will be much benefit to you. Here are the benefits you can get from a vacation:

1. Healthy
A study conducted at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. They say women who travel outside the city (two or more times in one year) is probably cardiovascular disease eight times smaller than those unavoidable.

Another study published by the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, said the women frequently recreation has a smaller waist circumference and low body mass index. Not stopping there, the study says that people who frequently vacations have a better quality of sleep.

2. Work better
Holidays, your job performance better weather in the office. With a high level of excitement and a fresh mind, the person will be better prepared to return to work.

3. More intimate
Women who vacation at least once a year, doubling the lead a happier household than those who do not vacation at all. This was announced by researchers at Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation in Wisconsin.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

one of the best hotels

Hotel Mutiara is one of the best hotels in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Rooms Offering Price:
* Junior Suite: Rp. 814 000 / night
* Family room: Rp. 763 000 / night
* Executive Room: Rp. 671 000 / night
* Superior Room: Rp. 621 000 / night
* Standard Room: Rp. 488 000 / night
Room * Extra Bed: Rp. 2041.000 / night
* Room Driver: Rp. 122 000 / night
* Extra person: Rp. 153 000 / night.

Leisure Living Room Living Room are all equipped with:
The process is controlled by individual temperature control, Clothes in the closet Small room, private bathroom with running hot & cold water, TV. Color with local and satellite channels, direct international calls, refrigerator, hairdryer Tools (on request), Cycle Electricity: 220/50.
Services & Facilities:
24-hour service, 24 hours Recipient Guest, Coolie haulier and the door supervisors, the Postal Service, Business Services, Computer Rental, Drying & Washing Services Apparel, Safety Deposit Box, drugstores, Vallet parking.
Hotel Facilities:
Four function rooms with different capacity: Bougenville, Catalya, Dahlia and Orchid rooms.
Tiara Café & Bar at the pool on the side:
24-hour service, Serving the European Food & Food Indonesia is best.
A nice, bluish and bedsteads swimming Relax with a suntan.