Friday, February 11, 2011

What to watch out for when on holiday Alone

Holidays alone could provide a different experience than a holiday with family or friends. Many of the benefits that can be on the bus while on vacation alone.

You will only travel when on vacation. Explore where you want and store the desired result.

Besides all the benefits that can be obtained from a vacation alone, there are also shortcomings while on holiday alone. To minimize these shortcomings, consider the following tips.

Tell your goals
Before leaving on vacation, always tell someone where your destination or at least one message containing your vacation destination on that day in a hotel room. This is a step in case something happens, so you can not go back to the hotel.

Note Clothes People Around
Think of the clothing of the people in your area on vacation. Show body parts like arms or the other could have been prohibited in the area. You can also ask the people about the standards prevailing in the area, so as not to violate that standard.

Save important Number
Accidents can not be avoided, therefore it is very important to keep important numbers, such as the local police station numbers. If you are traveling abroad, make sure your Indonesian embassy in the countries visited.

Saving money
As a woman, especially a higher risk of crime. Sometimes in certain areas there are bad people who abuse these terms.

Therefore you must be smart to save your money. Do not put your money in the wallet. Individual coins with a nominal money is bigger. Put your money in different pockets for things that are not desirable to anticipate. If you are forced to save money in the bra, first in sterile plastic to prevent the risk of breast wrap.

Passport and tickets
Such as money, a passport is a valuable asset abroad. So even with the return ticket, lost tickets can be a nightmare for you. Keep these two items with extra caution.

Never leave valuables in your hotel room unless the room has a safe with a secret number that you can set. Although the hotel is very safe, but often for theft in a hotel room five star hotel though.

Better yet, you do not take valuables such as jewelry. After all, your vacation destination yet? Not going to a festival gala

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