Saturday, February 5, 2011

3 benefits of holidays for your life

Holidays are not just for fun activities. A holiday will be much benefit to you. Here are the benefits you can get from a vacation:

1. Healthy
A study conducted at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. They say women who travel outside the city (two or more times in one year) is probably cardiovascular disease eight times smaller than those unavoidable.

Another study published by the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, said the women frequently recreation has a smaller waist circumference and low body mass index. Not stopping there, the study says that people who frequently vacations have a better quality of sleep.

2. Work better
Holidays, your job performance better weather in the office. With a high level of excitement and a fresh mind, the person will be better prepared to return to work.

3. More intimate
Women who vacation at least once a year, doubling the lead a happier household than those who do not vacation at all. This was announced by researchers at Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation in Wisconsin.

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