Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dreamland Is A Beach That Has Traction in Bali

During of tourists to the island's most famous and memorable external and internal, of course, is the beach at Kuta Bali. The name of the beach of Kuta and the world calls the island of Bali will not separate the name of this beach. No wonder that the rapid development of the beach of Kuta, in comparison with other objects of tourism in Bali.

In fact, in the beautiful island of Bali, and had a potential for tourism and resort hotels, plus a beach of Sanur, Nusa Dua Beach is the beach, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Lovina Beach Beach is already known, although fame and a tourist destination Kuta.

But this is just, and beautiful beaches of Bali? Of course not. There are many beaches lose eloknya not familiar with the coast. One of them began to rise among the tourists, ie, Dreamland.

Dreamland is located on the edge of the penalty area Pecatu Village, Badung Regency, Bali removed. If you are away from their base towards Uluwatu Jimbaran. About 20 minutes from Uluwatu and 45 minutes north of Kuta Beach.

If you have heard, or swords, sword Bingen, Dreamland and in the neighborhood next to the beach Balangan. Specifically, if you stay on the path to the beach of Uluwatu Uluwatu. 3 km from the first, and you will see a great avenue unattended on the right hand there are great buildings of Tommy Suharto was heard, as saying. From there, stay on track towards the sea.

And the beautiful beaches of the court was originally just a small point on the surface of 900 hectares by PT Bali Pecatu Graha (BPG), which can be occupied property in 1996. Transformed the area into a lease station superluks "Pecatu Indah complex.

It means that asylum seekers are combined with a tourist area, while the use of natural beauty and originality, and environmental protection. Therefore, asylum, Tommy Suharto, the son of former President Suharto, his willingness to give "The residential and exclusive tours throughout Southeast Asia." This project began BPG mahagede But as the liquidity crisis and the crisis swept the credibility of State and Government of Indonesia to fade.

If anyone knows, the first time there is a beautiful place like this in the southern tip of the picturesque Badung Nan, in the vicinity of the sacred buildings and holy Pura Uluwatu, the 10th since the Century have existed. The beach is bertiket $ 5,000, which is a great thing.

Beautiful beaches and other natural disturbance, although it does have some semi-permanent buildings. clean beach town in the slim, slightly lower than the steep cliffs to watch as the case may dream beach in the sunset or watch the pleasure boats.

Water is still very clean and clear. Not a hill overlooking the white sandy beaches. The waves were very good for surfers. Dreamland in these services has become a new kind of surf spots in Bali.

Cliffs of sand and a great place for sunbathing. There are also many cafes and other services. There are also food stalls and the rental can be used from a chair. Housing is still relatively cheap.

If you want a luxury, not the "Dreamland Villa", which is very close to the beach. By implementing the improvement, and see the 33 private bathrooms for each complex of villas. 262-850 royalties should be used daily note for those who enjoy the beauty of the course, Dreamland Luxury want.

But see asrinya Dreamland was the place of choice when you travel to Bali. Enjoy the beach of your dreams.

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