Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty Kumala Island

Kumala Island is an area on the Mahakam River delta, which extends to the west of the City Tenggarong regency. Starting in 2000, Kumala Island built into a tourist area. However, since Regent Syaukani Rais Hasan, who built this island, terjegal corruption cases in the year 2006, the construction of a mangkrak Kumala Island.

Access to the Jade Island

Kumala Island Recreation Park is about 27 km from the city of Samarinda that can be achieved through a bridge member of Parliament within approximately 30 minutes. While the city of Balikpapan, which has facilities Sepinggan Airport and Port Semayang which is the access of air and sea transportation in East Kalimantan, Located approximately 130 km that can be achieved approximately three hours by land. In addition Kumala Island Recreation Park can also be reached by water transport through the Mahakam River.


Kumala Island tourism object is located in the middle of the Mahakam River is a recreational park blend of modern technology and traditional culture. The island is an area of 76 hectares of land was once the bed and shrubs. Currently, most of the area is equipped with various facilities such as sky-high tower 100 meters to enjoy the beauty of air, rail mini-game area and a cable car that connects with the mainland.

In this island there are DSJ Resort, complete with swimming pool and facilities for those who want a break, that is the only cottage in the middle of the Mahakam River in the location of this island prepared for the Giant Aquarium Irrawaddy Dolphin fish, fresh water dolphins which only exists in the People's Republic of China and Brazil.

Kumala Island Recreation Park Development be gradual and will continue to grow. Thus the public will get additional attractions besides representative Mulawarman Museum (the former palace of the Kingdom of Labour), Panji Sukarame Reservoir, Pondok Labu Village Culture in Tenggarong and Nusa Tuna in Muara District Muntai white sand.

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