Saturday, January 29, 2011

Amanjiwo, Super exclusive hotels in Central Java

Amanjiwo is super exclusive hotel in a remote area in the mountainous Menoreh near Magelang, Central Java. The eksklusifannya make this hotel gets the title as the best hotel version of the magazine National Geographic Travel Magazine in 2009 and La Dolce Vita 2010.

It makes sense if the hotel was voted the best from year to year. Visitors are given an exclusive service for the rooms have a total of 35 rooms.

The location is very strategic to enjoy the beauty of nature. Near a rice field and you can instantly view the Borobudur temple in the distance to enjoy in this hotel.

Each Amanjiwo resort hotel is equipped with private pool. This course gives you the privacy of their own to enjoy a holiday in the middle of a rice field with the cool air.

The hotel is ideal for those who want peace and away from the crowds, because it was remote but not hard to find. The construction of the resort is built as a dome ceiling with large windows and terrazzo floors.

Amanjiwo provide insight into the culture and traditions by Java, you can enjoy local tours to the countryside. Tours offered include antique shops, elephant safaris and can witness sunrise and sunset behind the Borobudur temple.

Many famous actresses who have never enjoyed the comfort and the hotel eksklusifan this. Even according to rumors, the world football icon David Beckham, never enjoyed a holiday in Amanjiwo with his wife and three children.

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