Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Camping Tips To Help Make Your Camping Adventure Tons Of Fun

The best camping tip you can get is to abide by the Boy Scout motto and “be prepared.” There are all sorts of things that can happen on a camping trip so expect the unexpected. Make lists of items that you should bring and pack all the essential equipment. Take into consideration the area where you will be, any rules for the camping site, weather conditions, safety and fun.

The Campsite
Make sure you have the proper equipment for camping. Know what sleeping arrangements are and where you will be cooking. If you are using a camper or RV, much of this will be supplied in your facilities but you will need to know any rules for the particular campsite. If you are sleeping outdoors, make sure you have tents and sleeping bags as well as warm clothing. Bring waterproof matches for campfires and cooking. Set up tents according to instruction. Always leave your campsite the way you found it. The best rule of thumb is to make sure it looks like you were never there.

Bring only the cooking utensils you will need to prepare meals and eat. You will not have a dishwasher and may not have trash bins available. So, make sure you can easily clean and dispose of food items and waste. Bring lightweight, non perishable and easy to cook and clean food items. Canned foods, trail mix, soups and stews are great nutritional meals that are easy to store and carry.

My favorite way to cook while camping is over the fire, using a tripod and aluminum foil. There are lots of delicious meals you can cook by putting a few ingredients in a piece of foil, sealing it, and cooking it. Cleanup is a breeze. There are no dishes to wash. You just need to properly dispose of the used aluminum foil. Do an Internet search for “campfire recipes” and you’ll get lots of delicious foil/pouch campfire meal ideas. While getting ready for camping, do not forget the water. Make sure you have plenty available to keep hydrated and to cook with.

Plan for the expected weather conditions in the area but do not be surprised if there is a sudden climate change. For summer bring hats for protection, sunscreen and insect repellant. For winter, make sure to dress in layers, wear sunscreen, and have waterproof footwear. Always bring extra clothing in case of a climate change. Even in hot weather it can get very chilly at night. Prepare for rain by ensuring you have shelter, tarps and waterproof attire.

A first aid kit is a required piece of camping equipment. These can be found pre made in pharmacies and outdoor sporting goods stores. Rope, a flashlight and waterproof matches are also important. Having a compass available will help in case you get lost and a whistle can help you call for help even if you are fatigued. If leaving the campsite, make sure you bring food and water supplies.

Bring games and toys, especially if you are traveling with children. A game of Frisbee or football is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Bring your fishing rods and canoes for fun on the water. Do not forget to bring binoculars and a camera for hikes and nature walks. You may want to bring art supplies and books in case of inclement weather. For nature walks, insect and plant guide books are usually lightweight and can help you identify wildlife and items in nature.

Camping can be great fun but you should always prepare for things that may come up. Sudden changes in weather can occur and accidents can happen. Make a list of the supplies you will need and carefully pack for your trip. Being prepared will help ensure you have a great time and stay as safe as possible in all conditions.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Borneo Adventure Vacation - Conquering Mount Kinabalu Via The Mesilau Summit Trail

If you are visiting Borneo for an adventure vacation, then conquering the mystical Mount Kinabalu is not really an option - it is 'the' priority.

The mystical Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in South East Asia, is strategically located at the Kinabalu National Park, a designated World Heritage Site. Kinabalu National Park is just about two hours drive from the city of Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Mount Kinabalu, which stood at around 4,095 meters above sea level, is an icon for Sabah as well as for Malaysia tourism. Therefore, it is of no surprise that every year, thousands flocked to climb or rather, trek up the mountain. Although the traditional route up Mount Kinabalu is via the Kinabalu Summit Trail at Kinabalu National Park, there is an alternative route on the other side of Mount Kinabalu called the Mesilau Summit Trail, a newer and more challenging route. This trail is definitely one for those who are more adventurous to consider seriously.

The Mesilau Summit Trail at the Mesilau Nature Park on the Mesilau plateau is about 30 minutes by road away from Kinabalu National Park or about 108 km from Kota Kinabalu.

It is advisable to stay a night at Mesilau before starting your ascent up Mount Kinabalu as the journey from Kota Kinabalu will likely to leave you rather exhausted. Take a rest and acclimatize with the higher altitude at the eco-friendly Mesilau Nature Resort, which is nestled amongst the trees at the foot of the mountain at about 2,000 metres above sea level within the Park. The resort has a total of 22 lodges and 96 resthouse beds.

As for the climb up to Mount Kinabalu, the Mesilau Summit Trail is definitely more rugged, about 1.5km further than the trail from Timpohon Gate at Kinabalu National Park. But it offers more opportunities for viewing flora and fauna. The Mesilau route is still relatively new, but some shelters and toilets have been built along the trail for the convenience of trekkers. The route is also less crowded than the old summit trail. You won't bank into many mountain climbers on the way up.

The first ascent of the Mesilau Trail does involve a climb up, then a drop into the Mesilau valley, and then another ascent to regain the lost height. You will get to see both the Kinabalu and Mesilau routes at higher ground. The trail is also more "jungle" than the traditional Kinabalu Summit Trail. When trekking uphill, it is fortunate that the trail is well laid with steps cut into the earth and thus, making walking easy.

Layang-layang (Place of Swallows) is where the Mesilau Trail meets the Kinabalu Summit Trail at 2,740m. From there onwards, you will notice that the vegetation zone is like a forest of bent and twisted silvery-grey trunks with peeling bark.

A short hike after the sixth shelter, you will reach the mid-summit (i.e., Laban Rata). Conservatively, it should take a normal fit person an average 6-7 hours to reach Laban Rata, where you will be required to stay a night at Laban Rata Resthouse or at other nearby accommodations (i.e., Mountain Huts and VIP Lodge). From there, the second and more grueling ascent will follow the traditional route all the way to the summit (i.e., Low's Peak), which will start early morning the next day at around 2 am to 3 am

The ascent should normally take a few hours but it is much more challenging than the initial ascent as the trail gets more tiring with each step up the slope as the air gets thinner and thinner. On top of this, you have to battle the freezing cold temperature (sometimes below zero degrees Celsius). If its rains and windy, it will be doubly challenging.

But once you get to the summit and catch the truly magnificent glimpse of the sunrise, you would have forgotten the tough climb. You will feel on top of the world looking down at the tiny villages and small islands off the coast of Kota Kinabalu.

For those who had climbed Mount Kinabalu before via the Kinabalu Summit Trail or for those who are searching for a more challenging trek, the Mesilau Summit Trail definitely offers a fuller Mount Kinabalu climbing and adventure vacation experience. To quote an avid climber: "You have not truly conquered Mount Kinabalu if you have not conquer it from both sides of the mountain".

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Leatt Adventure Neck Brace Helps to Prevent Axial Loading:compression of the Spinal Column Due to the Effect of Force on the Helmet

Thorough efforts finished to guaranteeing safety motorcycle riding will append up to zero if the Protective Cover is not Immaculate. For illustration, leather jacket will not signify that much if the hands, the knee, or elbows are not decently fortified with plodding or buffer pads to soak up the impact when these areas are concerned in a crash. In the same token, a helmet will put up only partial Aegis if there is no neck brace to accompany it. For this rationality, some dealers usually put up packets of helmet and neck brace for Clear Protective Covering.

Potential Essences of Unstable Neck Brace

In some illustrations such as in motocross races or merely taking a roundabout way via off-road or unpaved paths, the head unremarkably tilts and trends to adapt to the precarious terrain the motorcycle is constrained to stride on. Neck braces aid by performing as a stabilizer of the head, forestalling the neck and the surrounding domains from accidental injuries whenever the neck is carried from side to side. Notwithstanding, when employing a neck brace, one should not barely apply anything. Instead, employ just the finest in Adventure neck braces such as the Leatt Risky Venture Neck Brace.

Innovative Neck Protective Cover

Leatt Venture neck brace is the current creation in motorcycle-riding Protection. There's a secret for the advanced degree of Protective Cover that the Leatt Risky Venture neck brace caters. The product was grown with the help of medical experts in right coordination with true motocross riders to formulate the strongest Possible Protective Cover for the neck that is in Leatt Dangerous Undertaking neck brace. The brace is constructed from molded glass and strengthened nylon to help forestall the following injuries:

# Injuries resulting from strong forward motility of the head

# Injuries caused by profound rearward head motion

# Hurts caused by vehement sideways motility of the head

# Accidental Injuries to the spinal column resulting from the impingement of pressure given on the helmet such as in a crash or head-on collision

The conclude why Leatt Risky Venture neck brace is so impressive is that it does not try to intervene with the motility of the head, but renders to bring the head to a contained stop in situations where strong head motion takes place. The total structure of the neck brace is cushioned, which stimulates it an idealistic shock absorber for the thrusts that endeavors to tilt the head to and fro and side to side. As such, in instants of shock, the impel is disordered and equally distributed without causing any physical injury.

Relieve Neck tiredness

One incremental and very welcome gain applying the Leatt Risky Venture neck brace has is that it services Alleviate fatigue from the neck muscles. Amazingly, the brace is a errorless associate for most helmets, and so anyone can function the brace with just about any helmet they already sustain.

For you to possess the highest level of Aegis for the neck and adjoining areas, check out Bob's Cycle Provision for the fullest deal on Leatt Venture neck brace.