Friday, July 24, 2009

Leatt Adventure Neck Brace

Leatt Adventure Neck Brace: Protection Isn’t Immaculate Without One

Leatt’s Collection

If you bear a caring for off-road racing, you should be definitely searching into the variety of neck braces and other motocross accessories from Leatt. They carry a deluxe collection that is designed to supply elated quality protection, which is needful in this sport. Otherwise, you will end up with fatal injuries and bad falls. Leatt’s neck braces like the Leatt Adventure neck brace confines the rider from exercising a range of overwhelming moves but leaves enough coverage for any sort of severe damage. All you necessitate is five minutes to realize used to wearing the neck brace, and after that, the rider senses open and bare with them them off. The braces from Leatt work with all safety and seat belt contours, and it will also retain the safety harness in place specially during an shock. It adjusts and follows with all safety touchstones and is SFI 38.1 certified. So when we say Protective Cover is not Complete without them, then are detailed for telling you the truth.

Protecting the Neck Up

There is a Leatt Adventure neck brace specifically intended for the racers with a small and thin build, particularly in the age bracket 4 – 16 years old. There is also a dissimilar one for those with an average build with a maximum weight of 235 pounds, specially racers who are 16 years old and above. These neck braces carry been interjected with glass reinforced nylon that is contrived by medical professionals specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts. It in general protects the head and the neck from hyperflexion, hyperextension, lateral hyperflexion, posterior hypertranslation, and axial loading. It holdscurbs head deceleration that may stimulate sensitive trauma to the brain. It also regulates other in-car head movements after incurring multiple impacts such as during rollovers. These high-end detailed neck braces have got GP and X straps which assure the rider in place and render a higher degree of protective cover.

The Braces for the Masses

There are concludes why Leatt-Brace Moto GPX Club resolved to have a model neck security device for all mass motocross and off-road racers. There arrived a postulate for a more cheap neck protective gear, and so Leatt made a model device that will specifically supply to the market of off-road riders. Leatt Adventure neck brace was then presented. It was produced specifically for the mass market and for the touring and the commuting market. To cope with the monetary value, it has been contained and it is non-adjustable in the front but with a solid frame structure on the rear. It used akin conception and biomechanical function with other Moto GPX braces and will also establish relief from neck tire.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Excellent Hiking Tips to Bring on Your Next Hiking Adventure

If you are planning on going on a camping trip, one of the camping activities that you should not miss is hiking. Hiking will allow you to see and enjoy the majestic beauty of nature. It will also let you explore wondrous parts of the campground. And of course, it will give you close encounters with the amazing creatures that reside in the place. Before you go on the trip, here are some excellent hiking tips to keep in mind.

• Buy hiking tents. Hiking tents are ideal for hiking adventures. You can buy this specific type of tent from many camping stores online. Just make sure you find a reputable and reliable online camping store that will give you the best value for your money.

• Be physically fit. Since hiking is a physical activity, it will demand energy and stamina. In short, you have to be fit and healthy for you to enjoy it fully. Prior to your trip, make it a point to exercise regularly to increase your strength and endurance. Jog around the neighborhood, do squats when you get up in the morning, and stretch your muscles any chance that you have. This way, you will be physically ready for your camping adventure.

• Bring sufficient water. When walking under the scorching heat of the sun, it is easy to get dehydrated. Make sure you bring and drink sufficient water for the hike. Even if you are not feeling thirsty, make it a habit to drink water every few minutes. This will keep your fresh and energized.

• Pack the right snacks. Bring food high in energy such as energy bars to supply you with the energy you need to accomplish the activity.

• Study your hiking trail. Do not go on a hiking trip without first studying your hiking route. Choose a trail suitable for your skills. Do not overestimate yourself. It is always better to start with a novice trail so you do not tire out easily.

• Learn survival skills. Another thing you should do is learn some survival skills. Learn how to put up a fire using sticks and stones. Study what items in the forest are edible and not. For example, if you see berries, eat only those that are red in color. Stay away from those that are dark colored, as they are poisonous. You can also determine if a fruit is poisonous by slightly tasting it on your lip. If it is bitter, do not eat it.

• Let somebody know about your plans. Before you leave for the hike, let someone else at the campsite or back at home know about your plans. Tell them what day and time you plan to leave and come back. Inform them about your route. This way, if you get lost, somebody will know where to find you.

• Bring your cell phone. A cell phone is a great device that can help you during a time of emergency. Make sure it is fully charged when you bring it on your hike.

Hiking is fun and exciting but it can also be quite dangerous if you do not follow safety precautions. Keep in mind all the tips mentioned in this article to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Zealand Is For Lovers – Of Adventure

Although often times in the gigantic shadow of its Australian neighbor, New Zealand is worlds apart from any experience found elsewhere and it is geographically much farther southeast than most people imagine. New Zealand is a former British colony, with fascinating cultural influences due to its location in southern Polynesia. Large swaths of rolling green meadows, churning geysers, creaking glaciers, and never-ending stretches of magical overgrown beaches encourage travelers to make the long haul across oceans to indulge in the disarming natural beauty of New Zealand year after year.

New Zealand was one of the last landmasses to be inhabited, only discovered in 800 AD by Polynesian navigator Kupe. The discovery initiated a steady stream of migration from today’s French Polynesia until Dutch Abel Tasman and finally James Cook came across the islands and claimed them for the British Crown, ruled from Australia. The native Maori people are still a considerable minority, enriching the cultural climate of the largely European (Pakeha) nation.

Cinematic Sanctuaries and Bungy* Jumping Buffs
New Zealand’s geography is divided into two major north-south islands. Depending on where you travel and the time of year, the activities and topography will change dramatically. The South Island is famous for its unique relics of the last Ice Age, the Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers, which plunge just below the islands tallest peak in the Southern Alps, Mount Cook. These glaciers are particularly spectacular because they continue to flow through temperate rainforest strikingly close to sea level. Winter in the Alps region is excellent for skiing, mountaineering and filmmaking – scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed here. For a thrilling wildlife experience, do not miss the South Island’s Otago Peninsula where you can enjoy a cozy bed and breakfast among sea lion, sea elephant and penguin habitats, to name a few.

The North Island is relatively warmer during the summer and milder all year long. Put yourself ‘on edge’ with a trip to serene Lake Taupo, which also happens to fill the caldera of one of the largest super-volcanoes in the world. Extreme outdoor sports abound on both islands, as New Zealand is the original inventor of Bungy Jumping (also found at Lake Taupo) among other creatively dangerous activities. The west coasts are extremely popular for black water rafting, otherwise known as cave rafting. This exhilarating experience should not be missed, even by the beginner. If a new heart rate is not what you are looking for, make your leisurely way to Ninety Mile Beach at the very north end of the island; the name is not deceiving and the experience is absolute paradise in the summer months. The Great Barrier Island to the east is a mind blowing underwater experience for most scuba divers and an equally sensational getaway for the sand-bound.

New Zealand is a destination for all seasons, with activities spanning the elements and progressive cities to keep up with those of faster pace. Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown are all very youthful and spirited cities with the distinct eclecticism of New Zealand culture to overload the senses and invigorate the spirit. New Zealand may be far from most places in the world, but it is certainly worth any length of travel to reap the fruit of this nation’s existence. Travel to New Zealand and experience it all for yourself.