Monday, January 3, 2011

Train Tours in Indonesia

To support tourism, PT. Kereta Api (Persero) providing a special train chartered tours are also a variety of purposes such as: meetings, weddings, birthdays, etc. on top of Railways towards various destinations.

Currently, PT. Kereta Api (Persero) provides three tourist trains, respectively - each given names:

- Nusantara
- Bali
- Toraja

All three can be bundled, tourist train on Rail Regular trains equipped with power (electricity) 300KVA minimum strength, such as: KA Argobromo Orchid, Argo Lawu, Dwipangga, Argo Muria, Argo Gede, Bima and Pegasus.

Domestic Tourism Train

Tourist train called the Archipelago because of the interior design and all the knick - perniknya describe the art and beauty from all over the island of the archipelago, so that when we're in this train to enjoy the interior design of nuance to the archipelago.

The trains are numbered series of 67 501 has a seating capacity for 19 people exclusively. Bedroom for 2 people equipped with mirror, light sleep, and sink.

To view the scenery outside the rear balcony of the VIP freely available, while the luxurious lobby of the middle of the set is equipped Audio, Video / TV monitors, air conditioning (AC), bathroom (toilet) is also available in this train

Bali Tourist Train

The train's interior was designed and equipped with carvings and paintings of the nuances of the island resort of Bali. For the tourists who use this train have got a good picture of arts, culture and beauty of the island of Bali. Through painting and sizes arranged in a neat and tidy the train. Bali tourist train serial number S.67801 has 22 exclusive seats in the second room, 16 seats are located in the Meeting Room seating dab six special subjects (cabin). Other facilities like Mini Bar, bathroom (toilet), Audio / Video and air conditioning (AC) available in this train.

Toraja Tour Train

Toraja tourist train serial number S67802 has a seating capacity of 22 exclusive, 16 seats in the Meeting Room and six special seating room (cabin) and equipped with mini bar, bathroom (toilet), Audio / Video, air conditioning (AC) . Toraja Tour Train Named for interior design and carvings and paintings around the walls of the train described the art and culture of the Toraja region.

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