Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hotels Best World for honeymoon

Indonesia's natural beauty is so exotic. There are many resorts that offer 'natural paradise with all its beauty.

Unfortunately, the resorts are often exposed to only the island of the Gods. Though no doubt about her beauty, but there are other places that the beauty of the various alternatives. One was the island of Sumatra.

Near the island of Sumatra, there are many small islands natural beauty. The islands are ideal for a honeymoon in a place for you and your partner. Good for the first time, or for the umpteenth time. Here are the islands around Sumatra, which is an exotic that is not inferior to other islands in Indonesia.

Billiton Island, Bangka Belitung
Became famous since the movie "Laskar Pelangi", Billiton island is dominated by beaches and a beautiful panoramic, crystal clear water and the sand along the coast. Number of bays with calm waters that this place is ideal for honeymoon couples who love water sports to do. Beautiful landscape of Billiton Island can not be found on other islands. With that privilege, making the island Billiton place romantic honeymoon nan.

Pulau Bintan, Riau Islands
The island is very charming with its natural beauty. Gleaming white sand and blue sea and hedge trees is the combination that makes this island so beautiful. In this island there are many resorts available that can be rented for family, private beach, diving tourism and culinary tourism can be an alternative during their honeymoon.

Cubadak Island, West Sumatra
Cubudak is one of the dozens of small islands off the coast of West Sumatra. In the beginning was the former crater with an area 40 square kilometers, uninhabited (except for a handful of homes of fishermen as a refuge being backwards sea), filled with lush forests, there are a number of wild animals like monkeys, deer and pigs.

Cubudak Island is its name worldwide, and became an icon of the South Coast District. His name is known after one of the media in Germany to make a documentary about Cubadak. The documentary is getting rave reviews and wide, so do not be surprised if German tourists of the most visited island. Plus, other media started writing about the beauty of "paradise" of the island.

Although the trip is very tiring, but it will pay once a foot on this tranquil island. Cubadak honeymoon to the island is a special experience that you and your partner can not get elsewhere.

Mentawai Island, West Sumatra
For you and your partner surfing fans, certainly the surf in the Mentawai Islands try. Different organizations define surfing the waves on this island is the third best in the world after Hawaii and Tahiti.

No wonder so many foreign tourists who deliberately to the other world a paradise in West Sumatra. The peak tourist season, a visit in July and August, where waves the Mentawai when it reached seven meters.

In addition to the waves, the tourists are interested in Mentawai UMA or at home. Here you and your partner can feel the experience of indigenous people in the house. Mentawai also play an important role for the conservation, where, since 1981 UNESCO Siberut in the Mentawai Islands as one of the biosphere reserve. This requires that existence must be protected and away from the operating account.

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