Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips Ways to prepare Holiday

The safest way to get the goods to prepare for the holidays is two weeks before departure. Sounds exaggerated? Not really, because little things can ruin your vacation.

Write down the things you need in a statement. Note that wherever you go, because the idea could appear anywhere at anytime.

Approaching the day of departure, see the note back and do the sorting. Do pengecakan reset for departure. Here are some things that (probably) you need while on vacation, so be prepared.

If your journey takes over three hours, bring a bottle of water to quench your thirst. You should also spray water to freshen your face.

To travel abroad? It never hurts to a calculator on the exchange rate of different currencies to calculate.

Usually the family or relatives ask menitip clothing. Some countries have different clothing sizes, so use the meter to the right size.

If the requested is a shoe, there is an easy way to do it. Measure the feet of those who want a shoe with a stick. Cut a stick right through the legs. Make a stick is a benchmark to look for shoes he wanted.

Hotel offers no washcloths in the bathroom. Prepare these items at your own convenience.

You never know who the passenger next to you. Would a man who likes to snore or baby kept crying. Prepare the earplugs your holiday turned into a nightmare.

Copies of documents
Make sure you have copies of important documents such as identity cards and passports when traveling outside the country. This is a precaution if you lose your identification.

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