Thursday, February 17, 2011

tips tourism if you visit in Papua in Indonesia

West Papua is a province of Indonesia, with the picturesque and the preservation of the condition yet. Papua province has an area of 410.000 km from the lowlands to 5500 meters above the summit. There are 25 major rivers, and thousands of small rivers with a total length of 5.180 kilometers, including in mining Merauke River Sarmi Memberamo River. There are many lakes, including Lake Sentani in Jayapura, Yamur Lake, Lake Lake flies and panic in panic and Nabire. Jayapura is one of the most eastern Indonesia. It lies north of the island of Papua, the return of a bird that directly overlooks the Pacific Ocean is. mountain town with much of the landscape is very beautiful. Rich in minerals, forests and a vast cultural richness.

Sentani Lake is the largest lake in Papua received the fountains of the river and groundwater wells 24 in the giant mountain with the river ports Tami. Getting around Lake Sentani tribe or race, Papua Melanesian ethnic group, Sentani Tanamerah (Demta), Sentani cultural and ethnic divisions Tabi. Sentani Lake is a natural lake with mountainous islands of the lake. Size of 3.63 hectares, the lake at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level. On this website there are quite a natural landscape with a few places in the form of huts in the fishing scene. Here is to find fresh fish.

One of the things that make people proud of Papua was incorporated in Biak. Biak itself is the westernmost island of Jayapura, here including the world's largest with a group of up to 5000m of track, much bigger than Changi or Narita. This song was written about the natural world better, because the rock layers that are used to the track is very strong. This was recorded for a major role in world history. Under the track by the Japanese army during the preparations for the invasion of Pearl Harbor in 1941. In the first Eisenhower did not believe that an attack on Pearl Harbor to be the distance traveled from Japan into the Pacific Ocean far away. But she was preparing for the Japanese base on the island to attack. But the problem for the people of Papua, not only stop here, 'Revenge' MacArthur was the worst. To know the secret place of the Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor, MacArthur was to explore and teach the people of Papua to get drunk, for more information on the propagation of the job. Act of 'barbarians, because that culture in Papua and in the case of sugar, this culture that did not exist previously.

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