Monday, February 14, 2011

Beauty Gong Cave in East Java

When approached Gua Gong, which is visible on either side of the street is a karst hills are barren. Precisely because these ketandusannya, gives a different feel, because no one suspected in the karst mountains are stored a pearl of beauty is created through a stalactite and stalagmite for hundreds of years. Though barren, the journey to the Cave Gong through Wonosari really fun. The road is winding, up and down to make a fresh mind. But approaching the location of the cave, we've been through narrow streets, sometimes very sharp rise and fall sharply, so as if the streets like lost. For that we must be very careful especially if passed by a vehicle from the opposite direction.

Only take approximately forty-five minutes to get to the Cave of Wonosari Gong. The road was wide and smooth, just a few miles before the road narrows cave. When we got there the clock is still showing at 6:30 in the morning, the atmosphere is still quiet and cave gate was still closed. We are a time to stop at the kiosk located in front of the cave for a while while waiting for the opening of the cave entrance. The proprietor said, "if officers will open the cave at 07.00 in the morning."

The cave is located in Dusun Pule, Bomo Village, District Punung, Pacitan this is the most beautiful and deepest caves among the cluster of caves located in the vicinity. Because there are still some other cave that is located not far from Cave Gong, such as wasps and Cave Lady Cave. Because beauty is, the manager was seriously working on this tour very well. Although only one peak located incorrectly steep karst hills, the manager provides a nice location spacious car park, can accommodate approximately twenty vehicles. This was done to anticipate membludaknya visitors on holidays.

The uniformed guide who has also been prepared to accompany the guests. As we headed toward the stairs into the cave, Mr. Rubadi (40) is ready to accompany us during the trip in the cave. Before entering the cave, Mr. Rubadi tell you a little about the origins of the Cave Gong.

"Once upon time, Dusun Pule experienced a long drought, making it difficult to find drinking water and water for everyday purposes. So Mbah Mbah Joyo Noyo Semito and try to find the water into the cave which he considered too far from the house a population of about 400 meters. By using traditional lighting equipment such as torches (dried palm leaves tied together) to spend seven tie, both grandfathers are managed through the halls of the cave to find some of the spring and bathe in it. These events starting 65 years ago who counted backward from the year 1995.

On these findings, a subsequent search was done, precisely on Sunday Pon dated March 5, 1995, set out a number of groups numbering eight people to explore more about the existence of the cave. Long story short entourage finally succeeded through a cave that beauty can be felt to this day. "

Naming Gong cave itself closely related to one of the device name of Javanese gamelan. It is said that at certain moments, in which there is a mountain cave is often heard the sounds like a Javanese gamelan music, performances reog, flying an even often heard people crying that heartbreaking. Therefore, people around the cave called the Cave Gong.

Therefore, before entering the cave must be considered a cave entrance rules, including: speaking politely, mutual respect, walking through a path that has been determined, each group must be accompanied by a guide. Likewise for commercial filming is not allowed except for filming documentaries, rose to do the licensing process in advance.

After reading these rules, then we entered the cave with Rubadi pack. First entered the cave, we immediately enchanted by the color the walls of the cave that looks golden brown. Soon we heard a rumble, it was a big fan who deliberately placed on several sides of the cave to reduce the burning sensation in the cave, if the visitors exploded. Then we entered the first room, the room Spring Fairy. In this room there is a small spring with cold water and clean. Beside it is a space Angels, according to a story in which all subjects sometimes passing shadow of a beautiful woman.

Space is the space of three and four crystal and marble, which is stored indoors crystal and marble stones in the sides of the top and sides of the cave with a near-perfect quality. Entering the space of five, is a stunning bit of space. In this place ever made a musical concert by four countries, namely, Indonesia, Switzerland, UK and France within the framework of promoting the presence of Gong Cave is a room for six to mancanegara.Ruang hermitage and the last room is the stone seven gongs. Are stones which, when we hit the drum will sound like a gong.

Approximately one hour we were in the cave, even though the fan has been installed, there is still hot if you linger d in the cave. Indeed remarkable natural phenomenon that creates this cave, the cave contains nearly the entire contents of the meaning and legends and also looks impressive physically. Also, if you visit the Cave Gong, you can visit other attractions nearby. Namely: Princess Cave Cave wasp, Klayar Beach, Beach teleng Ria, Watu Beach and Reef Warm Water Pemandaian Arjosari.

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