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Bunaken National Marine Park, Indonesia is a very good Place

Bunaken between Sulawesi, Indonesia, North Iceland is an area of 8.08 km ² island. Island of Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia is part of the capital. Ready (to ship the boat) or Bunaken, rent a boat and went to visit more than 30 minutes from the port city of Manado. Marine Park Islands National Park is part of the regular beach. And marine biodiversity and marine parks in the world of them has the highest rate. Scuba diving attracts many tourists the island. It is five clock in the Bunaken Marine Park on the island, the beach, "Siladen common on the island, Manado, Island, Iceland Mantehage next, and nine children on the island for about 265 hectares, an area of 75 islands island. Diving (dive site) to 75 265 hectares, include the island in each of the five beaches is limited.

Beach Marine Park, 20 (Dive Dive), each from 1344 m depth. 20 points, 12 points center on the island, including diving and diving. 12 points, while diving, visited by lovers of beauty and diversity of the scene and more often.

For more than 12 points in the north of the islands of the South Island Daibingubuna line from east to west. The area also has large wall of water below the surface, a large stone wall, the Standing on the wall, vertically or curved upward. Rock wall of water on the island are Bunaken.Indriyani أبريل Lachman 2010 01:00 42 27 (00 minutes) tour of a food source for fish

Hall, scuba diving and dive sites are:

Between P.: 1,2,3, almost killed, Fakui, TG required. Parijipointoron, Pangalisang, Furontokanpon Bunachimoru and Sachiko included.
P. Manado, only directly SAEFL Pangalingan and TG. Coffee
P. Mantehage: Pango and Tangkasi
P. Nunn: Ishibune water line.
P.: Siladen 2 Siladen a

Mainland: Sulawesi is TG. Molas and Pisok
Glass substrate (catamaran) points in pleasure boats in the water. Mainland Manado (± Metoruauto visitors guide track 800) from the summit of the mountain and coastal tourism.

How To Use Site:

Access and Tennessee. The visitors are easier in the top. P Manado, Manado, only "about 20 minutes by boat harbor area motor Iceland Siladen P, or approximately 30 minutes or 45 minutes Mantehage between the PP only reach about 1 hour 50 minutes, P Nunn.'s Site of the mainland city of Manado, Open Marsh, 30 (Tennessee between the mainland. North) minutes and 1.5 hours (Teling Tennessee southern mainland. Center) and needs to satisfy.

to enjoy for diving, Tennessee about the possibility of the use of existing services. Center are:

Barakudadaibingurizoto, Jl a. And "Raya II, Manado Dusun Swamp
Nusantaradaibingusenta, Jl a. And "Raya II, Manado Dusun Swamp
Tirta Satwa, Jl a. Lingk Malalayang. Manado 2004
Manado, Garden, Jl Sea Adventure. Malalayang II, Manado

Possible areas:

Manado is the mountain area is no longer active G-Bus (400 m). Diversity CONTUR Land Based / is usually the U-boat rescue exists. Various land-based, but not in dangerous areas.
Between the National Park, Manado, only 3000-2000 mm, a range of weather, including tropical rain go year to 310-260 C temperature and August for the best time by five months.

World's most beautiful marine parks and marine national park rare species only Manadobunaken manatees, dugong, dugong, dolphins, fish in the aquarium as seprti NO hippocampus, clams, and the bill, green sea turtles. Plateau a black (black is the monkey Macaca fascicularis).

National Park, sea grass is a variety of habitats and coral reefs and mangrove forests, marine ecosystems are composed of Bunaken.
Pocilopora rock questions, Q Seriaattopora, questions Pachyseris, Q Hama question mushrooms, Q Herpolitha, questions Holomitra, Q Galaxea, questions pectin, Q Lobophyllia, Echinopora Tubastrea Yone Yone's

The activities are planned:

O sea, recreation, tourism, among other things, diving, sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming beach.
O studies.


Offices, police stations, hotels and towers / carers, motorboats and diving equipment.

For more information:

Nature trips was not available.

• Bio-capacity
• Social, economic efficiency
• Between the National Park Management
How to reach between the National Park?

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