Sunday, December 26, 2010

Travel comfortably with your baby

Holiday season has arrived, but not a few parents who do not want to travel, because they had children. And as children are still healing, and travel by car or plane can be comfortable. How can I do?

Arriving by car

Road to the car where the baby is not at all difficult. But we must remember that every mother that the trip was something new for children. Want to feel uncomfortable and may not subside. For the game, the easiest way to feed him.

If the mother and child in the car and the rear seat. A child sitting next to my mother, with a car seat. Despite the complexity of the rounds or not, and can continue breastfeeding for mother and child.

In some women, and some select milk bottle when you admit you're driving. To do this, make sure the child is ready for feeding from a bottle. If you drive your own car, do not always try to do this with a bottle while driving.

During the journey, not just the needs of children. My mother still kept in shape. There are plenty of rest and drink enough milk to keep smooth.

Air travel

Get to buy on an airplane with a child who is recovering from a little hard right. But it can be overcome with planning and difficulties.

Before boarding the plane, in order for the child to full feed. And children who are breastfed are usually not going to be difficult when the plane took off. If signs of a baby crying or nervous when the plane took off, and feed directly. Changes in pressure and took the nervousness of the aircraft, which generally form the children. At this time we recommend that breastfed infants. Should the nose, mouth and ears are open

Do not forget to bring a blanket, if he sits on the board. Selimutilah your child during an airplane in the air is still seen as generally very cold.

Is set to secure the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations (the national civil aviation authorities in the United States) and for children, while they were on the plane in your chair. When this is done it will be difficult for mothers to breastfeed. But this does not mean that mothers can not.

What is the situation of children breastfeeding at a special seat on the plane with nursing children in a car seat. If the mother of a baby car seat lining, and of course, would be if the aircraft is not more difficult.

Other options, other than direct breastfeeding can do is bottle. Production of milk in the bottle before boarding an aircraft. It must be remembered that milk can not be long. Milk is pumped out and not in a room without air conditioning have more than four hours.

Travel through time using the same car when the road to the plane, and you still do not also pay attention to their particular circumstances. Do not get dehydrated. Sleep when baby sleeps. to eat healthy foods, such as those who are not too much salt and sugar because these foods make it fast enough.

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