Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Batakan Beach Has A Beautiful Panorama

Batakan Beach Village is located in Batakan, Panyipatan District, Tanah Laut (Tala), about 125 kilometers east of Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan Capital). To reach the site Batakan Coast, from Banjarmasin city is relatively easy because the road condition is good. Although the course berkelak Winding-up and down, but it presents a beautiful scenery in the form of rows of verdant hills, the yellow carpet of rice field and fishing village situated on the beach.

Batakan Beach is a marine tourism object that is integrated with the natural panorama of mountains, because there are hills on the east side pine that becomes part of the mountain range. In this beach visitors can surround the beach while using a rented horse, relax under the pine trees while enjoying the beauty of the beach, or watching the panorama of nature, especially when the sun will set (sunset). In addition to day trips around the coast, visitors can also visit the island of Datu which was situated some distance in front of the beach Batakan. In this island there is a religious sights are the tomb of Datu Pamulutan, a scholar who is considered as the guardians of God.

For the record, just like other recreational places in Indonesia, Côte Batakan also be furnished with typical recreation facilities, such as the bathroom to rinse, houses of worship (mosques), stage entertainment, cottages, restourant, lodging, playground, to the parking area vehicle large enough.

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