Friday, December 3, 2010

Nature Tours Kembang Island in Banjarmasin

Kembang island is a delta island located in the middle of the Barito river that is included in district administrative region Alalak, Kuala Barito regency, South Kalimantan province. Kembang Island located west of Banjarmasin city. Kembang Island designated as forest tourism based on the Decree. Minister of Agriculture No. 788/Kptsum12/1976 with area 60 ha.

Inside the forest tourism have altars dedicated as a place to put the offering to "guard" Kembang island who symbolized by statues of two white monkeys manifested (Hanuman conduct), by-Tionghoa Ethnic communities from Indonesia that have a certain vows or vows. A goat horns gilded usually released into the jungle island Fireworks successful or if a request had been answered.

The first time you set foot on the island of flowers, be careful because the monkey's pretty aggressive pretty, secure the small stuff because the monkey likes nyamperin goods visitors. Now, let's not hijacked by the same monkeys that we should prepare snacks for them, such as beans, bananas, etc.. Unfortunately the local governments seem less attention and care for this island, it proved increasingly squalid Flower Island because a lot of junk stuck, let alone fit very wet rainy season. Many guides there are also wild, they like ngikutin we explore the island, they finally asked for money from us. But even then Island Kembang really fun to visit.

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