Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shopping places in Bali guide

Shopping at traditional markets of Bali is an art, because of bargaining to be done. In fact, if the buyer does not respond after traders said the price, the challenge to compete pedaganglah bargain: "Can not, really. I wish what?" It is here uniqueness. Not just because the buyer can purchase goods at the best price, but also when the transaction occurred a warm communication between buyers and sellers. Provided the patient with a friendly chat invites traders, it's not likely you'll be given a good price. You will also touched to see how they pat your money nepukkan merchandise, hoping rejekinya smoothly that day. These places can make you carrying shopping bags with a grin:

* Denpasar. As the center of trading activity for the local community, which is the largest traditional market Kumbasari market. In the north there are street markets which sell handicrafts Gadjahmada. While there are roads on the east side of Sulawesi that sells a variety of fabric colors so that the scenery will remind you to other Indian films. To the south is a road lined with shops Hasanudin a lot of gold.

* Kuta. On the left-right path many craft vendors, clothing, jewelry, CDs and DVDs, furniture, and knick-knacks skin. If not interested in buying, avoid eye contact with the seller or a look because traders can continue to force to buy merchandise.

* Sanur. Shopping center in this area is located at Jalan Danau Tamblingan. The atmosphere is similar to Kuta but fewer traders limanya feet. Most traded goods in the shops and nice restaurants.

* Bypass. Originally named Jalan Ngurah Rai, this is the widest street in Bali. Located between Nusa Dua and Sanur, on the left and right a lot of antique shops, craft clay, natural stone and furniture. The collection is nice things and probably can not be found in other areas outside Bali.

* Stone of the Moon. Located on the border of Denpasar and Gianyar, Batubulan famous for its stone carvings. Sculptor-engraver in this village also received orders that can be taken directly to any address worldwide.

* Celuk. Located on the route to Ubud, is the village craftsman Celuk gold and silver jewelry is good quality and various designs.

* Stanger. This is the favorite market for the domestic tourist souvenirs shopping in Bali. Sell clothes, paintings, sculptures, jewelry Balinese with low prices.

* Ubud. Famous as a village of art of international quality stuff, do not miss a visit to Ubud art market nor galleries and famous, such as Agung Rai, Sumertha, Rudana, Sika, Neka, Hans Snel and Antonio Blanco.

* Tegalalang. From Ubud Kintamani direction, there are a variety of colorful wood carvings with floral, animal, and other designs on display in shops along the street.

* Kamasan. A village in Klungkung famous painting called Kamasan, namely drawing techniques in black ink and colored with natural dyes.

* Tenganan. Is a Bali Aga village in Karangasem, Tenganan is the only place that produces cloth geringsing that all processes and natural ingredients. It is said that in fact there is a cloth stained with human blood. Because the manual process, the fabric was very expensive.

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