Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beauty White Crater Ciwidey in Bandung Indonesia

White Crater Ciwidey sights indeed one of the places worth visiting. Ciwidey is a district in Bandung regency or precisely in the southern city of Bandung. From the direction of Jakarta, via toll Cipularang, Kopo exit toll gate, and straight to Ciwidey Soreang. White craters have been found since the Dutch era, and is used to mine the sulfur. In the era of Japan was also taken sulfur. If early in the day this crater as white-green color of salted eggs. Morning is the right time to see the beauty of this crater where the blue color of the sky a stark contrast with the color of the crater. If the late afternoon, this area is frequently enveloped in mist that causes scenery around seemed vague. Congratulations banc.

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