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List of tour in the city Palembang

List of tour in the city of Kilkenny

Nature tourism, tourism, cooking, tourism, cultural and historical sights, and did everything in full in the capital of South Sumatra. If you are looking from Palembang to bring not just the beginning mpek - take mpeknya, but also to the experience of starting value for a variety of attractions it.

When the aircraft to gain access to Palembang, and probably with a lot of tourist information in Sultan Mahmud II Badarudin use airport welcomes, but if the passage of ships, and you will not find similar things in a new port of prosperity. And get advice, and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Palembang. On Jl. Sultan Mahmud Badr al-Din II, No. 2, slightly less than the museum Badarudin Sultan. You can bring a variety of brochures and guides on these issues Pempek.

In this paper, we list the few attractions that are used as a reference, while the city can explore Pempek. Here we go!

1. Nature Tourism
- Musi River
Boats Bidar and decorations adorn Moses ssetiap Holiday Independence Day Palembang (June 17).
- Island Kemaro
It is a Buddhist temple, the temple open and very crowded during the celebration of the Cap Go Meh.
- Forest Park Tourism Punti Kayu
Enjoy the gardens and facilities: swimming pools and places of worship, and zoos, and sports facilities. There is also a protected forest areas and campgrounds, and lakes and marshes.
- Phuket Siguntang
Enjoy a panoramic view over the city of Palembang Siguntang high mountain. This hill is also a tourist attraction archaeological.

2. Culinary Tours
All types of pempek Kilkenny native tongue, of course you have to come before the return to the place of origin.
- Pempek: Pempek U-boat, I know Pempek, Lenggang Pempek, Pepmpek papaya, Lenjer Pempek, BBQ Pempek, and the circumstances Pempek, Pempek crackers, Model, Tekwan, Lakitan, Celimpungan, Burgo, Lakso, Ketolo, Kelasan, Kelempang .
Quick Jiwo, Mentu, Bugis, kuepau, APEM, Banyu APEM, gossip, Tau Bhutto, Bhutto Virgin, Telok ukan, mistakes, cooked rice, punar sticky Klepon, Bodem, gelenak, Hai engkak porous engkak: Snacks diversity in the early - sticky rice engkak.

3. Tour History
- Masjid Agung Palembang
- Besak Kuto Castle
- Bridge
- Monument of the suffering of the people
- Second Badr al-Din Sultan Museum
- Museum of deities Balaputra
- Srivijaya Kingdom Archaeological Park
- Village Captain

4. Cultural tourism
- Textile Songket Palembang (Ji and Ji in the lap Hatta Naga Swidak ...)
- Gending Sriwijaya mejeng dance dance dance dance, and so far Songket weaving, Cempako kindergarten, dance Besuko, TariMadik, Dul art of kings and Wayang Palembang.

In fact, there are many attractions in the city from the list of Palembang, please add, if it miss my girlfriend. Some tips when you visit Palembang forget to bring you not Songket by the original, it can be much cheaper if you buy directly in the place of manufacture.

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