Friday, November 4, 2011

Milan - Italy

“Fashion” and “Style”, these are the words which people commonly think of whenever the name of “Milan” comes in the mind. Milan is a city in Italy with a population of about 1.3 million. The city of Milan is the capital city of the province Milan in Italy.

Having covered an area of about 181 square kilometers Milan is located in the “Padin Plain”.

Climate wise Milan is as expected according to the seasons as the summers are very hot and humid and the winters are cold.

According to Milan’s history, in 400 BC Milan was ruled by Romans and during that time Milan was given the title of the capital of the Western Roman Empire. After Romans the city was hugely dominated by Spanish, French, and the Austrians. After these eras then came the time of Napoleon and Milan was made the capital of “Cisalpine Republic”, and later was declared as the capital of Italy.

As the city of Milan is very rich in history so now a days this history can easily be seen in their structures, constructions and architectures. There are lots of places in Milan City which receive a heavy tourist amounts throughout the year. There are architectures about the Roman Empire. There are a lot of buildings which are a true representation of the Gothic Construction Styles. The greatest example of such type of construction inside Milan is the “Milan Cathedral” which is known to be the fourth biggest cathedral not only in Milan but in the world also.

Economically Milan is considered as the financial platform for Italy. The city alone has a Gross domestic Product (GDP) of US $ 312.3 billion. Milan is mostly famous for its fashionable designs of clothes and all the stuff related to fashion and style. As some of the biggest brands have a background of Milan. If Milan today is given the status of a country, then economically it would be ranked as twenty-eighth economy of the world.

In the educational sector Milan has about 40 universities which are well known for their quality education. Also these universities have the honour of producing more graduates than any other university in Italy. Milan’s oldest University came into being in the 18th century and is named as “Politecnico di Milano”. This university is also the biggest university of the city.

In the field of sports as Italy’s major sport is football so Milan also has two football clubs which share the same home ground known as “San Siro”. The club’s are great rivals to each other and when there is local Milan derby game, you won’t be able to find a ticket for the game even months before. These two clubs are known as “AC Milan” and F.C. Internazionale Milano. Milan is the only city in world that has two different teams and both of them are very successful in European and other competitions.

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