Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Delhi Travel Guide

If you have plans for touring India than you should checkout some of the metro cities of India because they are not only a good point of accommodation and travel but they also become the melting point of cultures from all over India and Delhi is just one huge destination where you will find a lot of varieties no matter wherever you are in the city. Delhi is the largest city in the northern part of India and a part of it is also known as New Delhi which is the capital city of the nation.

Unlike other cities that were formed only after the modernization and industrial revolution, Delhi was formed much before that and therefore you can peep into the history of India way before the Britishers invaded India and when Mughals ruled this part of land with all their might. According to legends, the city of Delhi is more than 5000 years old and destroyed more than 11 times because of various battles that were fought in and around the city. Even the greatest epic in Hindu scriptures Mahabharata was said to be fought somewhere near Delhi. Hence, Delhi has a great historic background compare to other cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

If you are an international tourists in India, than you will be landing at the Indira Gandhi International Airport which is located on the west of the city. You can than move to various hotels and lodges available in the city. If you are on a tight budget than you can select some cheaper lodges and hotels available in the city rather than going for luxury hotels that charge you more for your daily stay. You can tour the city in taxis or in buses whichever you prefer but make sure that you avoid the peak hours because Delhi is an overcrowded city and faces a problem of traffic jams and pollution during peak hours.

A better way to checkout Delhi is on foot because you can even checkout some roadside stalls where you get some of the finest lip smacking snacks and drinks to cool off the heat. If you want to stay away from heat try not to travel to Delhi in the month of April and May because the temperatures can rise up to 35 degrees Celsius. Delhi is good place to visit in the month of November and December but at times Delhi faces problems of dense fogs during winter season so make sure you know about the climate before you take a trip down to Delhi.

Some of the most superb places that you should not miss while you are in Delhi is Chandni Chowk. This place is the main market in Delhi located just opposite Red Fort. You will also find Fatehpuri Mosque when you are in Chandni Chowk. You cannot afford to miss Rajpath and India Gate when you are in Delhi which stands for the bravery of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in World War 1 and North West Frontier operations.

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