Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How To Combat Drowsy Driving

Tired driver? Falling asleep at the wheel is scary, and we do not want any of you ever have to do. Here are 5 tips on alert at the wheel:

Get your heart pumping

If you're on a long trip, staying at his place too long, may be the cause of your sleepiness (not that you really sleepy). If so, pull into a gas station or rest stop and you pump the blood. Do not jump, run around the parking lot or take a brisk walk, increase your pulse will give you a burst of energy.

Get a healthy source of energy

Although the caffeine of coffee or energy drinks offer the patch, the effects often wear off quickly and leaves you more tired than before. Instead, choose a healthy snack, which can increase energy levels. Eat a snack, which is full of healthy carbohydrates and proteins, such as fresh fruit, carrots or peanut butter and crackers. Wash with water to add a boost of energy.

Start a conversation

Is there someone passenger seat? In this case, start a lively debate, keep your mind off drowsiness. Riding Alone? Use a handsfree device to make a friend or family member. If you decide to take this route, make sure you know the rules state you are driving some outlaws any kind of mobile phones while driving.

Sign discomfort

It is less likely to sleep if you feel uncomfortable. same with cold air, rolling the windows or starting Explosion CA. Change the way you sit in your seat so that it is not entirely comfortable or (although not very funny), considered a source of frustration in his life.

Stop and take a nap

Sometimes the only way to combat sleepiness is performance. Especially if you're on a long trip, it's good to stop for a quick nap, or making a hotel for the night. If you are traveling closer to home, consider how to get where you go, can you spare a few hours of sleep before heading down the road?

Not all of these tips are guaranteed to work for everyone. Try them and see what works best for your body. And remember, if all else fails, stop and sleep!

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