Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What You Should Be Careful When Traveling With Babies Or Toddlers

Travelling with children requires some modifications. With little effort you can still enjoy the holiday you have always dreamed of, but what things should you consider when you travel to a baby or toddler?


Infants less than three months you should take as little as possible. If you still want a vacation with them, I would recommend a vacation closer to home. By the age of four months to a year to get the baby would be much easier. Children are not aware of the changes in the environment, as long as you are nearby.


Infants usually travel free with their parents about the plan. Usually there is no separate reservation is necessary for them so they can travel on a parent's lap. Some airlines offer a baby seat or a crib and usually long flights always have that opportunity. Always check in advance if the plane does not stop. It is worrying because you have to carry your baby and your luggage, which is always a problem. For your baby, you can usually carry luggage weighing 10 kg. If you have a plan distance, consult your doctor before you travel.

Give you more information on the health of your baby and immunizations. Like adults, children and adolescents should have the necessary proof of vaccination. Hold in your hand luggage. Your child can get an earache in ascent and descent of the aircraft. Give your child a bottle when you feel more pressure in the ears. The air in an airplane is very dry and babies who drink more than usual. If you are breastfeeding, be sure to drink more and drink the milk powder in the case.


Always carry your baby in a special car seat. This seat must be approved by ECE approval. The tag number must begin with 03, followed by 44 digits. Always put the seat back and forth as the backseat of the car. Never keep your child on your lap, it is dangerous! The best time to travel with your child or infant is the night. Leave the time he usually goes to bed. When it's hot in the car, always make sure your child is old enough to drink. Never leave a sleeping baby alone in the car!

Keep a towel or an air mattress with you. In this way, you can change your baby's diaper as long as necessary. Also take along a folding bed if you are unsure if the place of residence is available. Pack enough clothes, you can easily add or remove, because the weather and temperatures during the trip can be quite varied. Give water can trust 100%. It is best to choose bottled water. When your child is hot sweat more, you need to drink more. If your baby has diarrhea, give ORS solution for children.

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