Saturday, April 2, 2011

Travel Tips & Holiday Luxury Bali

There are some elements of holiday in Bali, you can not find elsewhere. Bali is one of the most exotic tourist destinations and beautiful. But what makes it even more special is to rent a luxury villa in Bali, in addition to the experience and improve. Whether it interesting architectural mix of traditional thought and Western influence, with local or end to end with a comfortable contemporary furnishings and a high level of sophistication tempered modernity, there is a different world in every village in Bali - Accommodation Bali luxury. These luxury villas and private beautiful Bali are themselves worth a visit.

Bali Attractions

Although there is no end to the beauty of Bali, there are some attractions may be neglected in Bali. beautiful island of Bali is famous for its cool beaches, Hindu temples and gardens sublime. Bali is located in the other two groups of islands called Nusa Tenggara and Java, and is one of 18,000 islands that make up the archipelago known as Indonesia.

Bali travel advice always talks so that the architectural and artistic splendor, and the city life and modern furniture. For lovers of Balinese painting, Ubud called Knit Lukisan the museum is truly a delight. Ubud has many other galleries in the works of contemporary art. Neka Museum is another attraction well known.

For those who want to shop and party hard, Nightlife in Bali is a term capital, Denpasar, Kuta and Seminyak. Kuta is famous for its sandy beaches that are significantly curved. Pasar Badung market in a variety of things and places and clubs offer a peaceful contrast to the cliff front villas in Bali.

Pura Besakih is one of the biggest attractions of Bali to the shrine and the shrine of the Hindu Trinity. It is considered the most sacred temples of Bali, was established at Mt. Agung on the slopes. Second is to engage in Canggu Bali. This peaceful place is becoming the major tourist attractions in this area. Canggu is about 30-45 minutes drive from the international airport and offers spectacular views across the endless fields of rice. Nestled away from city life, this place is a paradise for those who prefer the tranquility and peace. The hotel is located near the Echo and the Canggu beach, which is one of the best surfers to test their skills.

Luxury Villa in Bali

Rent luxury villa in Bali has its own charm and stunning sea views, cliff palaces perched precariously on the slopes of the beautiful gardens are beautifully colored. An interesting example is the Oazia Villa, which offers a spa experience in the tranquility of the border rivers and emerald rice fields in Canggu connection. Power food is available at the villa, which creates a fantasy island of visitors from eco-friendly architecture, development and management of services to people. tropical environment, this is a wonderful home also offers spa treatments, surfing and other adventure trips, river views, glimpse of Balinese sculptures, joglo traditional homes and gardens, with a romantic dinner by candlelight structures. The villas are truly a paradise for them.

The author of this article has inspected more than three hundred villas in Bali and would like to share this knowledge to all visitors to this beautiful part of the world. She knows the area intimately, and selected the best of Bali private villa. It has also established a company called Sky Bali to allow tourists to get as much information as possible about the beautiful and picturesque Bali Villas.

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