Thursday, March 24, 2011

Astral Travel And Ticketless Travel - Do You Need Travel Insurance?

It will not be long before we can travel closer to the stars, thanks to Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic spacecraft. However, astral projection or astral travel is a different matter entirely. You do not have to pony up £ 100 000 or astronomical price for a trip into space with Virgin Galactic, if you just want to do a bit of astral travel. Some people think we are all capable of astral travel - leaving our bodies during sleep or meditation. Now there is a great idea - sign me up! I tried to do, but so far have failed to wake up on a beach in Hawaii was planned. Oh well. Would not it be nice if we never have to face an airport parking, lost luggage, or the security chaos and hassle! No gasket to worry - you can leave your baggage (emotional or otherwise) in the house. Just a nice cup of cocoa and go to bed and wake up in your dream destination!

If you have not been able to master the art of astral travel, of body experiences, lucid dreaming, or time travel - then virtual travel may be the best thing to do. Simply register on the computer and, like Captain Kirk, USS Enterprise, please enter your log your captain as you go. You can visit the exotic and interesting places you've always dreamed of - and at a fraction of the price. You could be the Taj Mahal one minute and the Coliseum in Rome the next - and all without leaving the comfort of your armchair, and at home.

Ticketless travel is becoming a new way of doing things, such as computers over the ticket the old paper-intensive work - but you're still stuck with all the inconveniences of travel. virtual trip does not have to worry about tedious task of how to get your seat or boarding pass, getting stuck, screaming baby or a part of the queue for the toilet, which is not bunged up.

Scientists may one day be a recipe for success, allowing us to telecommunications transport - scramble our bodies and take them to another place - like the crew of the Enterprise. It might be useful for several reasons - think of the possibilities ...! Harry Potter was the cloak of invisibility, which would be good for those times when you commit a social faux pas and wish the country would open and swallow you - or perhaps, if the tax authority or auditor comes callin 'scientists working on the invisibility cloak technology. - That could be useful to politicians who are forced to make a public apology for their indiscretions - or those annoying constantly dodging tough questions.

Some surgical patients have claimed to remember to leave his body while under anesthesia during surgery. Unfortunately, none of them have not received other than those on the ceiling or a corner of the room - if they demonstrate-on the disturbing events of their bodies. If only we could whistle and a patch of sky in the roof of the taxi and leave the exotic beach. We could leave our bodies bloated and bruised in a painful recovery from treatment professionals and return when everything is going well and working again. A bit 'like having a car maintenance and use of a courtesy car to go out for lunch and a little' shopping with a friend. Well, who knows what might be possible in future. We do not know electricity existed before someone discovered - and that was there all the time!

Not long ago, nobody would have believed it possible for ordinary people (albeit with a lot of money) to board a rocket and the burst is Zero Gravity. The technology has raced ahead in recent decades dizzying pace. Those lucky enough to be able to afford to travel, Virgin Galactic is "the mind from the body," the taste of a kind - at least for a few minutes of weightlessness - when you can forget you are still trapped in their bodies.

We have a virtual world available to us these days with computer technology. Just a few strokes on the keyboard and we can travel with Google Earth or observe the heavens with Google Sky. We can be virtual tourists on a virtual earth, has a virtual relationship, or stay home in a virtual garden with our virtual pet!

Getting back to reality, if you have to do with your vacation underground in Spain and come and go on the budget airlines so hey, we should not take for granted the ease air travel has become. Until we learn to master astral travel - or Dr. Who time travel becomes a reality style - we're stuck with the reality and annoyances of modern aviation. Maybe in our future, we'll travel insurance to cover the chains of time. Meanwhile, means that if you get to our dream destinations crowded airports, delays and long queues - at least we have travel insurance to cover the incident the deadliest!

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