Friday, March 25, 2011

Travel Insurance? We Don't Need No Stinkin 'you Know?

If you have travel insurance? An interesting question. But if you doubt the need for travel insurance, maybe you're the same person who questions the need for some type of insurance. Most people have car insurance, health insurance or insurance homeowners insurance and even life insurance or disability insurance - I ask: Why not have travel insurance?

Insurance is "What if"

Insurance is the protection of these changes and unexpected events. Your auto insurance protects you against the bombing of $ 2.000 for unexpected connection, which was not even his fault. Travel insurance is the same. Have you had luggage "misplaced" by an airline and was left without clothes to wear during your trip? Have you ever had to cancel a trip that was paid in full due to any unforeseen incident that arose before had the opportunity to leave? Or have you had to stop trip, because what happened in the house? I've never been sick on vacation?

These are all the travel problems, which may include travel insurance. I checked a company to pay the cost of travel (always read the fine print) the cancellation and 125% of the cost, as the interruption of the trip. They also pay $ 500 if you forget your accommodation the flight, and can get another until "tomorrow at the earliest." Never stayed at the airport on behalf of his Atlanta-based flight crew, who were very happy to serve, but failed to reach the aircraft from the airport to your colleague when he said? $ 500 hotel room could not get there, but it certainly would be sweet to wait. Can you say "honor bar?"

Here's another swell appointment: Your insurance may pay you $ 1,000 for lost luggage, or $ 200 for delayed baggage. It's expensive underwear and deodorant, but I do not argue.

You can also buy travel insurance to cover emergency medical care or medical evacuation and repatriation. " Or if you prefer, you can click the heels three times and says: ".. There's No Place Like Home No No Place Like Home There's no place ..."

Yes, but how much will it cost?

The price is based on travel, and the value of the trip. Time away can also be a factor if you have gone over a month. For example, a family of four in the event of a trip worth about $ 3,000 could expect to pay about $ 250 for the entire coverage of the above. Is it worth it? The website of a travel company, said: "If you can not afford travel insurance, can not afford to travel."

"I can ask my uncle?

Sure. Uncle Sam says medical evacuation from a foreign country can cost $ 10,000 or more. And his inimitable way, he warns that Social Security Medicare does not cover for hospital or medical coverage outside the United States. If you have private insurance, you can check that out-of-country coverage you if your journey takes you outside the good old USA.

OK, OK, you convinced me. All bits last piece of advice before leaving Kathmandu?

I'm so glad you asked. Here's a little something extra for you - no extra charge:

1. Take all of your travel insurance documents with you - do not put it in your luggage!

2. Put all the numbers on a policy paper to a different location than the current policy in case of loss or damage of politics.

3. Send a copy of the policy (s) at home the next of kin, or anyone knows the place.

4. Speeding up service in case of accident, meets all the basic statistics of the data page of the passport (name, address, phone number, etc.), or make a card that is held in the portfolio or stuffed in the sleeve that the tag that says: Hello my name is ....... ....

In a coconut shell ...

Travel insurance can help you:

Repayment · Terms of trip cancellation or early termination of investment of

· Replace by unforeseen costs (delays, lost luggage)

· Assistance emergency medical and recovery of medical recommendations

• Get medical assistance abroad

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