Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brest And Caen City Guide

An important port city of Brest is located in northwestern France. Brest history has always been linked to the sea and marine academy Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, two based in that city. Brest hosts the International Festival of the sea, ships and sailors. tall ships from around the world come to meet during this period. Brest has an interesting culture in maritime history. He is known for hosting many major international events such as the European Short Film Festival, Alto etc. ship meeting of Tour de France cycling race that ends a few days in Paris, had its starting point in 2004 in Brest. The biggest attraction in Brest is known for the recovery of the bridge, the military arsenal and the street or across the street Siam Siam. The oldest monuments are the tower and the castle Tanguy Brest. Exhibits depicting the maritime tradition of Brest is located in the old castle in the National Maritime Museum.

A botanical garden dedicated to endangered species is also part of various observations of Brest. Some activities are practiced here windsurfing, canoeing and fishing.

Another city in northwestern France, east of Caen. It is located about 15 km into the canal. He is known for its historic buildings that were built during the reign of William the Conqueror. Much of this city was destroyed during the Battle of Normandy. He kept this memory by building a monument to peace. Caen offers a stay thanks to its picturesque location, a few miles from the coast, with beaches and lively resorts landing. One of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe, the castle of sugar cane here. The castle houses the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Caen in Normandy, and numerous art exhibitions and history. Another major attraction for tourists is Festyland Park, an amusement park located west of Caen, in the nearby city of Caen. Shopping in Caen is best enjoyed in Mandeville 2.

Eurostar to Brest services are available. Coach station is available Brest to Paris via the TGV network. Eurostar trains to Paris and be modified to take the TGV train station of Brest. Eurostar services to Caen is minimal, but available. You must change the Eurostar to Paris and take the path of non-electrified railway which takes you to the station of Caen. Buses are a better chance to travel to Caen.

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