Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Good Reasons To Book A Holiday In Egypt In March

If you're thinking of going abroad to look beyond a March holiday in Egypt. Here are ten of our reason to start.


Egypt enjoys year round sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Despite being at the end of the temperatures of the winter season in March will average 22 ° C making it an ideal destination for a holiday at this time of year.


Because Mars does not fall within the dates of school holidays in 2011 will not be holiday season. This means that the rent may be cheaper, with some offers available.

Ancient Egypt

Visit the famous ancient Egyptian sites, such as the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza, Valley of the Kings in Luxor, or must comply with all the holiday in Egypt. During high season, these sites can be extremely busy and crowded in a perfect way to visit in March, the temperature is high, but not too oppressive, and will be much less crowded.


Egypt is one of the leading dive destinations in the world. With sumptuous tropical reef fish, sunken wrecks and beautiful you have so much to explore.

Day trips

There are many day trips that can be enjoyed while vacationing in Egypt as a trip to the canyon of color, a visit to Mount Sinai and St Catherine's Monastery or discovery of stone sculptures and rock inscriptions Age .


Egypt has some of the best resorts around the world. Whether you choose the popular Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba estate, or the Venice of the Red Sea - El Gouna, will not be disappointed.

Traditional cuisine

Egyptian cuisine is so unique and delicious are many traditional restaurants to discover. If you're feeling really adventurous, do as the local specialties and taste the many hawkers on the beaches popular. This gives you a taste of Egyptian cuisine.


Egypt is a warm bed the night-time activities. If you are looking for traditional Egyptian entertainment, chic atmosphere for a cocktail or something a little 'hedonistic night life in Egypt will certainly not disappoint.


Why not take a cruise on one of the world's most famous rivers, through desert landscapes and ancient structures in the way?

The desert

Visit the vast and inhospitable desert in Egypt may be one of the most rewarding part of a holiday in Egypt. If you ride on the back of a camel, visit a Bedouin camp or take a ride on a 4x4, it may very well be the most memorable moment in Egypt.

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