Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Top 5 Hotels In Paris - And For Fashionistas On A Budget

So you're finally going to Paris. But where to stay? The collection of Parisian wrong to put a wet rag to your whole experience. I feel bad when I see tourists coming out of the local flea bag, or even just a soulless place that charges too much. So, to give hope, there are lots of hotels in Paris, that inspire you, comfort and keep you coming back, without a huge price, it is just a few.


Manufacturing hotel is a hotel I stayed too long in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The 13 is just below the 5th and the Latin Quarter. Here you are within walking distance of La Butte aux Cailles neighborhood, which is incredibly charming and shock full of fun places to eat and drink. In addition, you are very close to Paris's Chinatown, which is the ideal place for a bowl of Pho for only 5 euros. This is one of the least expensive city to eat a meal very satisfying. Regarding the hotel is clean, the rooms are small, but breakfast is good and the lobby is quite lovely. Warning: This is a flight to Paris with prices starting at 75 € at night, just a bit more than you pay on a hostel!

Zen in Paris

For calm, the Zen experience to try to Hotel Gabriel Paris, supposedly the first "detox" hotels in Paris. I think it's a bit of a marketing coup for the detoxification of the whole affair as "detoxification" of the articles I've seen consisted of drinks and snacks and one on the bottom, a small spa treatment room. Do not fool yourself, even if you stay here, I eat the cakes in Paris like the rest of us. But I digress. The decor of the lobby and the hall of the ultra-modern and trendy with lots of white cloth, painted white and lighting Gabriel. I liked the little breakfast room / Service below and the location, just 5-10 minutes walk from my favorite area of ​​Paris, the Marais. Prices from 129 euros per night.

Shopping Hub

If you come to Paris in July or January sales, or if you just want to go shopping, a wonderful place to rest your weary feet would Banke Hotel in the 9th. Here's a fantastic close to the 'Opera Garnier and around the corner from Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores and offers. Nono, of course, is heating up so late, when the flock is cool wine bars and gastro pubs. The decor is hip Banke is clearly a gold sofa along Phillipe Starke identified in the bar downstairs and a small collection of art presented on each floor. I loved the rooms, a sleek, stylish and comfortable. From € 135 per night.

Next Tuileries

Hotel Lumen areas are often lower than 160 euro per night in a central location is just steps from the Rue de Rivoli, the Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens. The hotel gave me an Italian fashion in Paris, the sensitivity and your own little cafe, seating inside and out. This Paris hotel is perfect for fashionistas and everyone in-the-know business travelers. Their staff is very professional, bending over backwards to make you happy.

Classic Elegant

If there are more than Lacroix, Hermes, Head Hotel Keppler District 8. This elegant oasis is tucked away in a quiet street yet just minutes from the Champs Elysées and the Golden Triangle and the haute couture shopping Avenue Montaigne. Personally, I found a black and white lobby, only for my tastes, a bar that I like to spend much time reading and drinking tea and comfortable, elegant and refined. Rooms from 200 € per night.

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