Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Item 10 Guidelines For The Stress Of Airport Security With Article Source Young Children

Backups in an airport is about as hostile as the child is traveling. We all understand the need for all the controls and rules, and we grin and bear it. But it can be difficult being with small children than the other passengers are suddenly a big emergency to pass through the scanners to store bags on the other hand, any price - including you and your grandchildren.

Do not be afraid, be careful of this advice and you can go safely and without incident. I

Before arriving at the airport:

1. Knowing the rules of the airport and prepare for your liquids. In the United Kingdom

• Do not take more than 10 drinks of liquid in your hand luggage

• Each point can not be more than 100 ml

• pack liquids in a sealed plastic bag (like a bag of food) that you remove the bag and put in a tray of the scanner before moving on.

• do not take a half bottle of 200ml.

Baby milk and jars are not limited to a maximum of 100 ml, you can take larger bottles. You may have to taste one or all of them before security personnel to take the taste you feel you want! Security will confiscate anything that is not compliant.

2. Clothing. Do not use shoes or a belt if you can help it. Both must be removed before using the scanner. You'll also need to take your jacket and put it on the tray through the scanner.

3. Your stroller. Make sure you know how to fold your car easily. It seems obvious, but for example if you borrow a friend's buggy for the flight does not leave until you're on your scanner to understand for the first time you do not know how to bend down. Overall, it is probably best to leave your system cheap travel behind and enjoy a great value lightweight stroller on vacation.

At the airport:

4. It's a good idea to get control of security first, before stopping to eat or go shopping, as is sometimes the queues at the security checkpoint can be long and do not need additional stress of rushing to catch his plane .

5. If they have one, try to separate your small comfort of their toys before approaching the security check. You do not want a cry baby and take up the teddy bear when their security personnel with them is a laminated teddy bear can be scanned.

6. Start preparing in the queue if possible. Do not carry your baby in a stroller until scanners. Raise the baby in the stroller, the last thing to do is have the coat and coins, phones, etc and in stores.

7. Remember that if you take a laptop, you should take your bag and a bucket to go through the scanner. Sometimes they make additional checks on laptops.

8. If you're on your own, you should be able to put your stroller down with one hand while holding your baby, do the practice. If your children are older, the oldest sitting on the floor with the youngest sitting between your legs while you put the stroller down.

9. You can, of course, take your baby around, but slightly older children will probably have to walk alone. Try to stimulate and caress their children through the best you can.

10. Take your buggy first to put your baby or toddler in So grab your trays, bags and children and take them all in a quiet place (there are usually tables just above scanners), where you can collect in your own time.

Well done. You did it! Now, to keep kids run riot duty.

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