Monday, March 21, 2011

Take Me To The Moon

The time is upon us, when the first civilian space travel is not the distant horizon. And Virgin Galactic has already sold out of tickets for the first (not yet scheduled) Air Show there will be a shortage of people willing to pay at least $ 200,000 ticket price. Of all the emotions, however, the preparation of this first space tourists have to face a serious problem - travel insurance. Low cost holiday or vacation adventure revolutionary - whatever the context, is responsible for the passenger's responsibility to ensure they are fully covered for any event.

So if you are one of the lucky ones who is able to participate in the space race, chances are you need some advice on what to watch. To ensure that their experiment in this world do not give your portfolio a way out of the body, remember regarding the insurance coverage does not always move from earth. Travel insurance can cover most of the disasters that might occur during the lunar trip, but remember you do not take our word for it! Always check the fine print.

Touring delayed by meteor

That's what you've done your training, your luggage and you kiss your mother goodbye. So you can not call hard working holidaymaker wants to hear. In case of inclement weather on Mars and a meteor shower out-of-season have delayed the launch by 48 hours. Page disappointment, do not worry. Cheap travel insurance should cover the cost of a hotel room for a few nights and other related expenses, you run. Now begins the countdown again - two more sleeps ....

Leave the space suit on the bus.

Simply place appeared more to show your partner of your beautiful new space suit and ended up having too much wine while sitting around telling jokes space. Back on the bus sleeping and waking in a panic just before your stop. Jump off the bus as a well-oiled gazelle, unfortunately, leaving his space suit valued under the seat. The last time I see the bus rumbles into the night, the vision of two gangsters spray painting of her teenage son three weeks wages headphones on his label. Embarrassing as it is, if you've planned carefully, cheap travel insurance can cover a replacement.

You can drop the camera in the crater

You did it! Has reached the moon. Wow! It's a great show, really take some pictures to show people at home. You talk by clicking here and there - but wait! What is it, right at the bottom of the crater? Inches before trying to focus on the image, the camera strap on the gloves and do before I can grasp, fell deeply in the center of the crater. Boo Hoo. Although there is no turning the beautiful photographs, cheap travel insurance can pay for a new camera on his return. People in the house only has to do with your memories ...

A man steals your wallet moon

Are you sure that you have hidden in the back of his spacesuit when you went to bed the moon for that romantic stroll with only singleton on board the ship. But what a shame - when it came to paying for cocktails at the bar of light wine, his wallet was gone! Fortunately, his companion was kind enough to pay the bill, but the loss of all your credit cards and credit is a real problem. But at least cheap travel insurance you could get emergency funds to the rest of the trip.

You miss your connection to the Mothership

Uh oh. This cocktail really gone to his head and you and your partner completely lost track of time! You missed the shuttle bus line back to the ship, and now you have to shell out large sums of money to get to the next. Do not worry, it could be argued that the travel insurance too. Keep the receipt!

You have cold feet at the last moment

It sounded like a good idea right? Be among the first people in the world to spend a year until after the holidays? You have passed the training with flying colors, you said your goodbyes to 576 friends on Facebook, and packed a toothbrush and toothpaste for a long life. But when the time came, he simply could not get on board. It turns out that 're more home than you thought. Lucky took off to travel ins

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