Friday, March 25, 2011

Industrial Revival In Birmingham

Birmingham has a long history with the British car sales in April and will see the delivery of the first national brand new MG cars have been built for over fifteen years. production of cars and Birmingham has a long history, and production was at home in Longbridge car production in the United Kingdom since 1906. Recovery of the MG brand is good news for the people of Birmingham, in what promises to be a new dawn of prosperity and employment.

The new MG6 is powered by the N series, which is the third generation of the K series engine developed by MG Rover before its collapse. The original engine of the K series has been controversial, in spite of being cheap, the head gasket failures become a common misconception among drivers said Rover and engine repairs can range from £ 350 £ 1000. It is believed that the press reports were exaggerated by a factor contributing to a minor auto giant and one of the reasons the company has reduced in recent years. MG Motors confirmed that all traces of this old problem has been eradicated, and the new range of cars come with a warranty of three years.

Demolition of part of the old Longbridge plant has meant new MG cars styled and developed in newly built research center that is designed specifically for this purpose. Much of the remaining old factory was handed over to production, with its surrounding areas have been replaced by buildings for new businesses and residences.

Of course, when the MG brand was relaunched, the new Chinese owners have been quick to contact Saik former MG Rover dealer network before, and it is believed that the garages to MG Rover will remain distributed as before. The buzz through the latter part of 2010 suggested possible additional distribution agreements with Vauxhall, who were quick to reject the proposal, saying that if they help some global operations there were no plans for new GM engines for theatrical exhibition display in Vauxhall in the UK. However, the distribution is guaranteed, it is believed that MG is back as a major player in the automotive industry and investment placed by Saik really put Birmingham back on the map.

The idea MG6 will go on sale in April and May 2011. The industry has grown and the city to grow and prosper. This is also a growing problem and Birmingham property for sale. When pieces of the Longbridge factory now converted into homes, large areas of the city was included in the rehabilitation of the city's many desirable properties available.

Birmingham was once considered the scientific and industrial capital of the world, and the cars produced here ensured this remains the case law until the death of MG Rover in the past twenty-first century. In World War 1 and World War 2, plants were dedicated to the production of ammunition. Before, during and after these conflicts Austin cars be made from the same factories and machinery. The same plants were used under the name Austin Morris Motor Company, BMC, British Leyland, Rover Group and MG Rover Group. It was under the ownership of the Phoenix consortium that MG Rover Group went into administration, causing losses of more than 6000 jobs.

The remaining assets of MG was purchased by the Company Nanjing few months after the company went bankrupt. This is 2008 the factory to resume production of cars, and in the meantime, large parts of the Longbridge factory was demolished. 2008 marked the return of the FT range of cars, a model previously developed and manufactured according to MG Rover Group. MG6 This is the first brand new car to go into production and was built with skill and diligence of local engineers, many of whom were part of the former MG Rover. In fact, we think this car is a logical development plans being developed by MG Rover at the time of their death, and MG was a clear effort to indicate this is a British car, despite the Chinese investment.

The closure of MG Rover could have been disastrous for the employees and by the time he was. With six thousand people are seeking work, were these very difficult times. The return of MG is not only good news for motorists and MG / Rover enthusiasts with it the promise of new jobs and prosperity in a prosperous city. While the jobs of MG can not be at the same level as it was at its peak in the vicinity have been taken advantage of many new business enterprises. Its believed that it would create up to ten thousand jobs in the coming years. There were even suggestions in 2009 of a replacement for Pinewood Studios will be built in the area.

In addition to redevelopment of the Longbridge plant in Birmingham itself continues to evolve. Birmingham City Big plan is an ongoing project for 20 years to help regenerate the city, so it can be one of the twenty best cities to live in the world. Longbridge is a small part of this process and all the work put into the city and surrounding area contributes to Birmingham not only good place to live and work, it makes it one of the best places in the world.

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