Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preparing For Spring Break Travel

There are only a few days before you can fully enjoy your trip and spring break have a big hug to the sea and the beach! But before we go on this trip, let's see if you have everything prepared well enough.

1. Budget

Basically, this is the most essential thing before you start having fun. How much can you spend this spring break trip? It depends on your salary, your deposit, you want to go, how much vacation time and how you want to go.

For example, it is much more expensive to spend 10 days on the beach to spend three days alone, and driving to the sea is much cheaper than flying. In addition, you should take it with concern accidental. I usually make more money than 30% of my budget, which makes me feel safe. You all know how it could be embarrassing when you leave the money in a strange place.

2. Illness and accidents

I know this topic is always a buzz kill, but we must take this into account. different food and different climate could easily lead to sickness such as vomiting, fever, colds or diarrhea. In this case, you might want to bring several popular drugs, or drugs.

In a word, take care of themselves and pay attention to the strange food.

3. Telephony and contact

Sometimes it is three times more expensive to make phone calls in a different place than the normal price, so pay attention to their cell phone bills on their return. Do not make unnecessary phone calls and try to make a long story short, if you want to faint before the bills.

4. Safe Sex

We all know that the beach and the bars are good places to hook up with beautiful girls, we also know that no glove, no love. This is enough of condoms, if you are bringing your girlfriend or will "respond to" future girlfriend or just looking for things.

5. Skin Care

It 'important for boys and girls to bring sunscreen with SPF 30 or more Apply a proper amount of sunscreen on your skin before you leave the room, which would be more than when you apply body lotion. If you're on the beach all day, apply every 2-3 hours.

Like most of us go to sea, it is preferable to choose waterproof sunscreens.

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